An Autodriver From Bangalore Returns iPhone, Gets Famous On Facebook

Story of Zamir an auto driver from Bangalore who got famous on Facebook because of his good deed when he returned back Rita Senthil Selvaraj's new iPhone

Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook

Once in a blue moon you come across a story that makes you believe in humanity once again. I can hardly remember when was the last time that someone told me she has found her mobile phone left in a bus/auto/train. You generally give it up and if it is an iPhone 4G then the hope level goes to negative.

Same was the feeling for Rita Senthil Selvaraj, a resident of Bangalore, on 31st May, 2013. Rita had taken an auto to reach her house while it was raining heavily. The auto ride was safe but in the anxiety of missing her baby, Rita left her iPhone in the auto.

But she was lucky as she had boarded the auto rickshaw of Zamir (Auto number KA 03 9847) who not only kept it safely but also came all the way back driving for an hour to return it.

Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook

Stories like these don’t take long to create buzz on your Facebook timeline. The story that was reported by Digital Insights claims to have become viral. The effort was from Rita herself who not only shared the entire incident on her Facebook profile but also made sure that it reached out to the masses by sharing it on the Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook page.

The post that was shared on the Bangalore traffic Police which has more than 74K fan following, received more than 18K shares and has been liked by more than 73K people. Another 6K people have conversed on the page – engagement numbers that a brand manager or a social media manager would crave for any day.

One would wonder why Zamir’s story created buzz and was widely shared on social media (we stay away from the word ‘viral’). It is because honesty still connects to human beings and the intent to return an expensive mobile is worth saluting. Often we forget these simple rules that connect human beings and the same is true on social media.

We need more human beings like Zamir that keep the hope of humanity alive and thanks to social media his story is being read by more and more people.