An Analysis Of The Top 5 Indian Brands By Number Of Fans On Facebook

A report on how the top five Indian brands with maximum number of fans are performing on Facebook

A sizeable number of fans and a decent engagement, both are required in tandem for any campaign to be successful on Facebook. However, since total number of fans has been the basic performance metric on Facebook, I thought of starting my analysis from here. Recently SocialBakers, shared their first quarter social media report about Indian brands on their performance on Facebook. If you have missed it then do click here. Social Bakers has done a good job by listing the brands based on fan size, engagement rate, etc. I thought it would be a good idea if I could provide some more analysis about the brands as we recently did for the top performing banks on social media.

So I decided to compare them at my end with the help of Unmetric, which is a social media-monitoring product. Presently, Unmetric monitors your brand’s presence on Facebook and Twitter. So before I reveal the in-depth analysis on how the 5 Indian brands with largest number of fans are doing on social media, here is a list of input data I have used:

  • Social Media Monitoring Product: Unmetric.
  • Social Media Monitoring Networks: Facebook.
  • Social Media Brands Compared: Tata Docomo, Fastrack, Kingfisher, Vodafone Zoozoos and Pepsi India.
  • Monitoring Period: Last Quarter (01/01/12 to 03/31/12)

Facebook Insights:

1. Fans: Tata Docomo, the top Indian brand with the largest community on Facebook has more than 7 million fans and in the last quarter, it added more than 1 million fans. However it had slower growth rate (35.6%) than the sector i.e. the telecom sector, which had (81.3%) growth. On the other hand Fastrack, the retail brand, which has a community of more than 3 million fans, has added more fans in the last quarter.  Fastrack added close to 1,225,932 fans in comparison to Tata Docomo which could only add 1,803, 077 fans approximately. Even though Fastrack is the third largest brand in terms of fan power on Facebook, it had the highest growth factors. The below screenshot gives a clear picture of all the 5 brands in terms of how they are positioned on fan strength.

tata docomo facebook
Fan Comparison

2. Conversations: Social Media is all about conversations and Fastrack knows it well. Out of the 5 top brands, Fastrack has the maximum number of people talking about it. According to Unmetric, Fastrack achieved 3.9% of conversation on its fan page whereas Tata Docomo, which has the largest number of fans, could only generate 3.2% of conversations along with Kingfisher. However these conversations fluctuate for most of the brands and they generally shoot up when you have some contests running during the time.  Besides this I have always debated that “Talking About This” figure is a bit generic.

fastrack facebook data

3. Posts: Every brand on social media is known by its content strategy. Your content builds up your brand image on social media. Here Tata Docomo has shown an active presence in sharing the most number of posts and Vodafone Zoozoo has the least. Another interesting fact that is highlighted when you see the below image is that most of the content for the brand has been generated by fans. In other words it simply says that the community is now shaping up itself. I think this should be one of the objectives for brands when they are building a community.

tata docomo facebook data

I also analyzed the content or post strategy of Tata Docomo which is shared in the below screenshot. One can easily see that whenever the brand has spoken about itself, engagements have dipped. The brand shared 126 posts related to Tata Docomo and that only led to 33 engagement score. At the same time, content related to the “Telecom Services” have been appreciated. The brand posted altogether 9 posts and the engagement score has been 46. A clear indication for the brand to rethink its content strategy.

tata docomo posts
Tata Docomo Post Summary

Vodafone Zoozoo, which had the least number of posts in the last quarter, has the same picture when it comes to the postology. The brand is driving maximum engagement on General Happenings but the least when it is talking about itself. Although “Telecom Services” has shown some engagement, there has not been much content on this.

Vodafone Zoozoos facebook
Vodafone Zoozoos Post Summary

In fact the General Happenings that drives most engagement is considered to be a very safe way of playing. I think the brand should focus more on the other facets of posts rather than just talking about the current happenings just because people are responding to it.

4. Engagement: Tata Docomo is the clear winner when it comes to engagement amongst the five brands in the last quarter. It has procured a score of 49 by Unmetric followed by Vodafone Zoozoos, which has a score of 39.

Tata Docomo Facebook Engagement

5. Sentiment: Vodafone Zoozoo has the most (net) positive sentiment. Out of 265 posts, 144 of them resulted in a positive sentiment that is more than 50%. And at the same time, Vodafone Zoozoos and Tata Docomo also faced the maximum number of negative sentiments. Interestingly Tata Docomo, which has the least positive sentiments, had a maximum of neutral sentiments too.

Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook Sentiment

Tata Docomo is a clear winner in terms of fan base and the engagement it is driving in its community. However the content strategy has more or less focussed on the current happenings rather than the other areas where there is clear indication of engagement. In fact all the five brands have focussed their content on general happenings and whenever they have spoken more about themselves, the engagement levels have dipped drastically.

Do let us know what do you think about the top five Indian brands on Facebook and do you think they should also concentrate on other subjects for content creation. And next time I would share the insights from some not so popular brands but they are driving higher active engagement rates as shared by Don’t be surprised as not a single brand from the top five features in this list!