Amul Invites Fans To Select Their Favourite Amul Topical Of 2012

A review of Amul's 'Utterly Butterly Gallery' campaign on Facebook where fans have to vote for their favourite Topicals of 2012, and a 100 lucky ones could win a coffee table book from Amul


How in the world do you start analyzing the presence of a brand that isn’t just a brand, but more of a cult and doesn’t have just customers but rather a fan following in the real sense.

Four letters. AMUL.

After another four lettered compatriot, Tata, I guess Amul must be the next of the Indian Brands which still relives its Indian-ness.

Amul’s Topicals have stood the test of times and been going strong for close to 30 years now, though the brand itself is more than 60 years old. And now, in 2013, they have come up with the next level of Social Media Campaigns.

Recently they launched their “Utterly Butterly Gallery”. Now, contests I understand. Ask a question, like a photo, send a story, win a prize and voila contest over. But no, not Amul. In their Utterly Butterly Gallery they have consolidated and made a complete list of their Amul Topicals from 2012 and asked people to vote for their favorite Topical of the past year. If their voted Topical is the most liked one, lucky 100 would win an awesome Amul Coffee Table book.

Amul Utterly Butterly Facebook App

How it engages?

The app has a Like Gateway i.e. only people who have liked the page can participate. But I don’t think anyone would mind that. The Landing page is too cute. And when you see the familiar round faced girl in her red polka dotted dress, you can’t help but actually go like.

After the introductory page, you are taken to the gallery with the complete list of all Topicals from last year. There is an option of either viewing all the Topicals or the Top voted ones. You open one, and then you keep going on and on and on…

I spent about an hour going through all of them. It’s just too awesome!

Amul’s overall Social Media presence

Amul seems to be focusing only on Facebook as of now. Its Twitter account only tweets its Topicals. They haven’t utilized much on the engagement possibilities of this platform. Coming over to YouTube, I am not sure whether they do have an official channel even. Found one named AmulManthan with two Ad videos and a good deal of views, but I am not sure whether its official one. Their website also just has the Facebook link.

Why its awesome?

Why not? Rather than going for some yada-yada-ya contest, they have integrated their existing offline marketing strategy and compiled it into an online campaign. Their content is exclusive, top-notch quality, humorous and above all, the people love it! What more reasons do you want?

Amul Topicals have been a rage among people ever since the Amul Girl made her intro in 1966 at a hoarding in Mumbai’s sea facing Chowpatty. Now, whether it be Trivandrum, Guwahati or Jammu, Amul Topicals can be found anywhere and everywhere. When you take such a “content” that is so close to people’s heart and then put it on Social Media, the response has to be extra-galactic.

So Finally…

It’s an Utterly Butterly Campaign all right. Content’s good, the theme on which it is based is simple, real and well attached to what the audience wants and it has awesomeness written all over it with a Capital A (or maybe its just Amul)! They have, in simple words and adhering to all guidelines, explained the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. So yes, technically it scores well as it does aesthetically.