Post Sexist Ad Controversy, Amul Celebrates India’s Woman Power In New Ad

Following the social media flak received on its digital film for promoting gender bias, Amul has released a new video raising a glass to India's woman power


“Aage aage badta hai India - Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India” claims Amul’s new ad featuring women in roles that require strength and determination. The ad film takes a viewer through the everyday lives of various women – a boxer, a rider, a badminton player, a bike designer, a dancer, a scientist and their trials and tribulations. Each of them is seen having a glass of milk to continue striving towards success in their respective life battles.

Being pro-women, advocating women’s empowerment, and standing for their rights is the new advertising mantra for most brands in the country. Fact is, the women empowerment theme is not so new anymore; brands have been banking on this theme since the last few years.

Apart from campaigns where Indian brands stood for social causes, we have seen many decent women empowerment themed digital films too. And, many have earned social media appreciation for standing up for women.

Amul is also banking on the ‘tried and tested’ formula on social media; who can go wrong when you have women boxers, artists and scientists marching ahead towards success. Viewers are sure to like them and share them with their social connections.


The brand sure seems to have learnt a lesson in the age of social media. Recently, the maker of milk and milk products had to face a severe thrashing on social media for promoting gender bias, in its latest slice of life corporate film titled ‘Pyara Bandhan’. The digital film promoted the idea that ‘dolls are for girls and cricket is for boys’. Read “Amul’s New Ad Isn’t Sexist, It’s Just Holding A Mirror To ‘Har Ghar Amul Ghar’”.

At first, the managing director of Gujurat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) released a statement in which Amul denied that its film is promoting any gender bias. “This is a slice of life film which happens in every home. There are always some people who will like it and some who won’t,” R S Sodhi had said in the statement.

Later, a ‘nuanced’ reasoning was introduced in a new press statement. Sodhi tried to again clarify the brand’s intent and stand on women’s empowerment. Appreciating the feedback received, he informed that the brand’s creative agency will be ‘less nuanced’ in the forthcoming films. “Our intent has never been there to promote gender bias. In fact, Amul is a brand which has been built on women empowerment over the last 7 decades.”

And to make its point, the brand has released this video raising a toast to woman power. Quite a timely video by Amul to appease everyone hurt by its earlier ad debacle, and earn positive branding. However, now that it’s featuring only women, it could be accused of disregarding men!