Amul Encourages Fans To Create Memes Of Facebook Friends

A review of Amul's Meme you Facebook campaign, where fans can create memes of their friends and share it on the network, to help spread the message that we eat milk with every meal.

Popular social network Facebook lends itself perfectly to spread messages onto connected networks of people. So, brands often run campaigns to help push their promotional messages through Facebook as is being done by Amul. The flagship brand of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), India’s largest food products marketing organisation, Amul has launched the ‘Eat milk with every meal’ campaign, with the aim to reposition milk as a part of every Indian’s daily diet and to give a trendy appeal to the entire range of Amul dairy products.

And Facebook has been put to innovative use where one can create memes of their friends, while also sharing that they eat milk with every meal. The idea is to spread the message in a funny form and what better than a friend’s meme to do that.

Meme you

A Facebook app ‘Meme You’ hosted on the Amul Facebook page helps you create memes of your friends, after you like the page. Click ‘Get meme-ing’ to get started with the app.


The first step is to choose a friend. A pop-up window will display all your Facebook friends from which you can select any one friend at a time. The app then displays a set of options, as can be seen in the above screen shot. Above are the different templates for your meme. Here, you can select a photograph from your system and upload it or choose your friend’s photo from his/her profile. Select a template and give a fitting caption of maximum 30 characters.

Additionally, the app also provides tools like zoom and rotate to help adjust the photo into the chosen template. Click on preview and if you like what you see, ‘submit’ it.

The app then prompts you to share the meme on your Facebook wall. Post that, it tells you how many of your friends have created memes using the app and lets you view them. ‘View Gallery’ comes in later, where you can view the memes created through the app. Each meme poster has buttons to ‘like’ or share on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

How cool is it?

A fun meme campaign by Amul. The meme app certainly helps position milk as a part of our diet in an offbeat manner. Else imagine if it were to be told to you that you have been consuming milk in so many forms and that Amul offers a complete range of milk products comprising butter, cheese, ice cream, fresh milk, yoghurt, milk powders, UHT milk, flavoured milk, ghee, paneer, etc. Would it have been even half as exciting?

Along with a cool concept, using Facebook as the choice of platform will also work in its favour. On one hand, the message of eating milk can be spread through friends and family, and on the other hand, it also helps grow Amul’s Facebook community, with its like-gated app.

The meme app has a neat design and layout along with smooth execution. However, the design of the app is sequential; one cannot return to the previous step or just move to the home page to view the gallery. One can only continue making memes step by step and then share from the gallery displayed at the end. It would be better if a central menu housed links to view the gallery, view memes created by your friends and view your own memes. Also, the app can work on to and fro navigation.

The campaign, nevertheless, is a good one. Despite incentives, it provides fans with a fun reason to use it. What do you think about ‘Meme you’?