Amit Tripathi On Growing Up In Mumbai And Starting Up NetWeb Solutions [Video]

In this video interview Amit Tripathi MD at IdeateLabs talks about his early days, growing up in Mumbai and starting up NetWeb Solutions with no idea of digital

“When I was about to start my professional career, I realized that as an individual I thought I had a lot of potential and hence I decided to form my own destiny and call the shots on my own,” shared serial entrepreneur Amit Tripathi in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights, while sipping green tea at his lovely office in Mumbai.

Amit, Managing Director at IdeateLabs further shared that he had rejected a very lucrative offer from a multinational company right after earning a degree in finance, as he never wanted to work for any employer. He started up on his own. “I started with no idea what to do, one peon and an office space for which I had no money in my pocket to pay the rent for. I started with a company that built web portals way back in 1997 and that’s how the journey of digital started for me.”

Amit has been born and brought up in the lovely city of Mumbai, where he completed his schooling and higher education. His grandfather came to Mumbai before independence and since then his family has been in love with the city.

Interestingly, entrepreneurship was never in his genes but he chose to build his own firm from the start of his professional career. In his 16 years of work experience he has built several companies, and he shares them all in this video conversation.

In the first part of the conversation, Amit talks about how things are at his end, and about his childhood memories and growing up in Mumbai. He shares how he landed up in B.Sc Maths when his father wanted him to be an engineer. Later he also talks about his early entrepreneurship days and starting up his first company ‘NetWeb Solutions’ in 1997 with no idea of digital.