Three Digital Ventures In A Decade: The Story Of A Serial Entrepreneur [Video]

Amit Tripathi, Managing Director at IdeateLabs talks about his entrepreneurial journey and the ventures like NetWeb Solutions, WebPercept, ibexis that he has created so far

“Most of the businesses I have ventured into either were an opportunistic move or it has been accidental,” said serial entrepreneur Amit Tripathi in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Amit, Managing Director at IdeateLabs talks about his decade and a half entrepreneurial journey which started with founding NetWeb Solutions. During his post graduation days in 1996-97, he started working with his uncle who had his influence in the education space.

After completing his education, Amit created an online education platform. “I took the product to the VCs, got a term sheet of 100 crores and I was excited about it. But as luck would happen the dot com bust happened and all those crores washed away with the same term sheet.”

While Amit still has the term sheet framed with him, the next venture happened - WebPercept, a joint venture with Percept Holdings. Amit talks about the seven year association with Percept where the later was bringing all the business and Amit had to take care of the digital. “WebPercept which was my second venture as an opportunity worked well for seven years. Finally we parted ways, I bought out all the equity and re-branded it as IdeateLabs.”

In the first video conversation Amit spoke about how his childhood memories and growing up in Mumbai. He shared how he landed up in B.Sc Maths when his father wanted him to be an engineer. Later he also talked about his early entrepreneurship days and starting up his first company ‘NetWeb Solutions’ in 1997 with no idea of digital.

In this second video conversation, Amit talks about his entrepreneurial journey and the ventures he has created so far.