Amazon’s #VoteForTheTitle To Decide Dr. Abdul Kalam’s New Book Title has partnered with publishers Rajpal & Sons to decide on the title for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s new book to be released in October, through a democratic online voting process


“It does not matter where you start from or what you have achieved till date, the important thing is that from this point onwards, you decide what you want and work towards creating your own future. This is the message I want to convey through this book and if it can inspire even one young person to achieve his or her dream, I will feel that my effort has been truly worth it.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former president of India and a very beloved visionary and author with dreams of an empowered India, is all set for the release of his latest book this October, the title for which has not been decided as yet. Dr Kalam has suggested 5 titles for his forthcoming book, the excerpts of which have been shared above, and wants readers to make a democratic choice on the title of his new book.

The unique opportunity has been possible with the partnership of Amazon, one of India’s largest e-store and Rajpal & Sons, one of the best known publishers of Hindi and English books in the country. The book has been made available for pre-order, exclusively on starting from Teachers’ Day (5th September, 2014).

From the five alternative titles of Dr. Kalam’s forthcoming book, as given below, the one with the most votes will be selected and announced on 16th September 2014.

1. Mail from Kalam to Indian Youth – Powerful ideas for growth and empowerment

2. From Kalam to Indian Youth – Powerful ideas for growth and empowerment

3. Your Future is Now – Dr. Kalam’s ideas for growth and empowerment

4. Forge your Future – Dr. Kalam’s roadmap for achieving growth and success

5. So can you – Dr Kalam’s answers for the contemporary youth

Amazon India has created a special page for the voting process. Starting from Teachers’ Day, the page has been sharing snippets from the new book. Amazon’s Facebook page has also been sharing snippets to help voters understand the subject matter,

The 11-day campaign also carries incentives for the voters, with a simple contest thrown in. After voting, they are required to answer one question about Dr Kalam to be eligible to win the goodies. From those who answer the question correctly, one lucky voter will win a Microsoft X Box One and 4 voters will win the Google Nexus 5, while 10 voters will get an autographed copy of the new book by Dr. Kalam. In addition, 500 voters will get Rs. 100 worth Gift Cards for voting and answering correctly every day. These Gift Cards can be used to buy any products on except eBooks and apps.

A participant needs to sign in at Amazon to enter the contest and answer the question.

Cool use of social media

Apart from building up the social media buzz for Dr. Kalam’s forthcoming book, the voting campaign helps connect with the youth, especially with its choice of incentives directed to the youth like X Box and Nexus. The gift cards will encourage more shoppers on its platform while the mandatory Amazon sign-ups will ensure a new database of young shoppers, particularly interested in gaming consoles and gadgets.

Besides, it creates awareness on Dr. Kalam’s book and might help Amazon make the most out of this exclusive book offer. Hope you’ve casted your vote.