What Amazon Did To Build Buzz For ‘The Great Indian Freedom Sale’ On Social Media

The social media promotions for Amazon's The Great Indian Freedom Sale comprised engaging contests, hilarious posts and fun activities that ensured it trended on Twitter

Celebrations often mean shopping and the Independence Day gone by was celebrated in a variety of ways with many brands offering huge discounts. Most ecommerce companies fought tooth and nail to drive consumers away from the heavy discounts at other etailers as well as retail outlets. One of the leading ecommerce brand, Amazon India celebrated it with a huge three-day extravaganza, ‘The Great Indian Freedom Sale’.

Following the success of the Great Indian Summer Sale, Amazon’s Freedom sale offered big discounts on a wide range of product categories from August 10 - 12. And the brand ensured a massive digital campaign ahead of the sale to drive maximum visitors.

Amazon partnered with digital agency Flying Cursor for a series of fun activities on digital that involved a lot of fan engagement and contests where winners were gratified with Amazon shopping vouchers. A series of fun posts on Twitter and Facebook urged people to push their plans to after 10th August. The idea was to celebrate procrastination while promoting the Great Indian Freedom Sale. Here, the parents are ready to push their son’s birthday party till after the 10th:


#10KeBaadKarenge contest marked the beginning of the activities. People were asked what plans they were going to push till after 10th August for the Amazon sale. And the replies ranged from hilarious to downright crazy. People pledged to push anything from their weddings to their mother-in-law’s eye surgery.

This was followed by #10KeBaadReactions. People were asked to send their reactions to the Great Indian Freedom Sale. Bollywood music set the mood for this contest and again the audience outdid each other with their entertaining reactions. The tweets were also populated by Amazon through funny video reactions that were sent out through influencers, thus giving people an example of how they can entertain themselves and still win.

Then came the Cart Full contest. Every half an hour, people were given a random amount on Twitter. They had to find products at the Amazon Sale that matched the amount and share a screen shot. This helped in directing people to the sale and egging them to check the items on offer!

Twitter Sherlock was next in line. The audience were challenged to guess the product from the clues provided to them. Once they guessed the product they had to tweet the screenshot of the same.

The last and the most challenging contest conducted was Cart Stories. People were given three random products on Facebook. They had to find a connection between these products and write a story based on it. Some amazing and some bizarre stories were sent in by them.

Fun. Buzzy. Shareable.

The concept of telling people to push everything after the 10th was a hilarious start. It helped the Amazon sale stand out from the clutter of other freedom sales and get people braced for a week of fun engagement and a chance to win vouchers. The series of digital activities designed not only helped build buzz for the Great Indian Freedom Sale but also sustain the momentum and drive users to the website.

Best of all were the gifs, funny videos that captured various reactions, something that people love to share. What Amazon (rather its agency) did here was not only drive its own campaign content along with the help of social media influencers, but also let participants join in the fun creations. The entire effort on digital helped Amazon trend for four days in a week and reach 16 million people, Rohit Gite, Creative Partner, Flying Cursor informed.

A smartly crafted campaign with the right dose of fun engagement and awareness drive. Back to catching up on more gifs!