1. Twitter is working on its own native polling tools for publishers: Twitter is working on a new set of interactive Cards that would allow people to run polls natively across its social network. Read more here.

2. Amazon launches #AmazonWishList, now you can add products to your Wish List by tweeting: Twitter has long been evolving as a vital cog in the global e-commerce wheel, and now Amazon is turning to the social network to make it easier to add items to your Amazon Wish List. Read more here.

3. Mobile News App Circa Adds A Personalized Daily Digest Of The Day’s Top Stories: Over the past two years, a startup called Circa has tried to re-imagine how users get and consume their news in today’s mobile, on-the-go age. It’s worked toward that goal by providing readers short, easily digestible snippets of news stories that can be read in minutes and are updated with new information over time. Read more here.

4. SimilarWeb Debuts An All-In-One Analytics Suite For Web, Mobile Web And Apps: SimilarWeb, a startup taking on web measurement services like Alexa and comScore, is now expanding its intelligence platform to include the world of native mobile apps and mobile web, in addition to desktop web. Read more here.

5. Facebook says its internet drones will be the size of 747s and fly for years: We’ve known for a few months now that Facebook wants to beam wireless internet access to unconnected parts of the world using solar-powered, laser-equipped drones. But now one of the leaders of the project has revealed more mind-boggling details, including the fact that Facebook envisions drones the size of a Boeing 747 commercial airliner and wants to keep them flying for months, even years, at a time. Read more here.

6. As Twitter’s MoPub hooks up with Juice Mobile, the mobile space may never be the same: Twitter and a Canadian startup have partnered in a bid to eliminate disparate channels in native mobile advertising and create a true one-stop shop for clients looking to deploy precision mobile ad campaigns. Read more here.

7. Startup Studio Science Makes a Big Bet on Mobile Ads: Science, the Los Angeles-based startup incubator and investment company, has made its biggest deal to date, by acquiring PlayHaven, a mobile ad network. Read more here.

8. Note-Taking App Evernote Considering IPO in Next Few Years: Note-taking app Evernote Corp. has been approached in the past about a potential acquisition but prefers not to sell itself, and is considering an initial public offering in the next few years. Read more here.

9. The Force Is With Mobile as ‘Star Wars Rebels’ TV Series Has Digital Debut: The animated series, the first new “Star Wars” program since Disney acquired the franchise two years ago, will be available online before traditional TV. Read more here.

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