Amazon Kindle Seeks To Capture Indian Hearts With #CelebrateReading

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has launched a TVC that celebrates reading, along with a social media campaign to take the idea to the digitally connected readers

Kindle paperwhite ad

It’s the season of heartwarming stories in the Indian digital media scene. Of late, quite a few brands are venturing into the long format of digital storytelling given the encouraging statistics on video views. Not one to be left out, Amazon India has introduced its Kindle Paperwhite through a sweet and thoughtful emotional video.

Titled ‘Celebrating the joy of reading’, the film takes us on a journey of a young man with a Kindle Paperwhite across the country. Why should an e-reader not celebrate the joys of reading, especially when it has ample scope for storytelling here. Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the 3-minute film emphasizes on reading and storytelling as an integral part of our life.

The young man who loves to read is seen going through different emotions while reading a story on his Kindle Paperwhite. The journey sees him reading on his e-reader while travelling in a taxi, a plane, a train, a bus and then in a boat to reach a tiny hamlet, only to read a story to a bunch of excited kids, and reliving the emotions. The voice over at the end says, ‘Kindle Paper White: Celebrating the joy of reading’.

The TVC uploaded on the Amazon Kindle India YouTube channel has received over 900K views, and has been shared on the newly created Kindle India Facebook and Twitter pages for the e-reader.

On Twitter, it seems the brand got a lot of celebrities to celebrate reading. The e-reader roped in popular celebrities on Twitter like actors Gul Panag, Neha Dhupia and Rahul Bose; celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, sports stars Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal, director Farah Khan, to share their love for the new Kindle ad.

And a #CelebrateReading contest for the Twitter masses. All one had to do to win the e-reader was to share their favourite place to read.

Making e-reading a habit

To entice avid book lovers in India to switch to e-reading is a tough ask. Which book lover would let go the smell of freshly printed paper or dogeared classics handed down from generations, and be convinced to get habituated to e-reading? Amazon is trying to convince Indian bookworms the emotional way, in this new TVC for the Kindle Paperwhite, rather than promoting its technical specifications. The ad, however, does highlight its long battery life, low light reading and other convenient features in the storyline.

Interestingly, there is a different approach to advertising in India, unlike in the US where Amazon is largely seen doing print and digital ads. Its choice of kindling emotions with the ‘celebrate reading’ and going to masses via a first TVC has been designed specifically for the Indian market.

Available in two variants - one a Wi-Fi only model for Rs.10,999, and a 3G+Wi-Fi variant for Rs. 13,999, Amazon seems to be on an aggressive push to instill e-reading habits in the country, with its TVC and dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages for Kindle. Roping in celebrities to act as brand advocates coupled with the #CelebrateReading contest has set the stage for building a community of avid readers on social media.