#AbKaunNachega - Amazon India Gets Fans Dancing For Its ‘Whattey Deal, Whattey Feel’

For promoting the Great Indian Summer Sale, Amazon India launched ‘Whattey Deal, Whattey Feel’, on digital the brand has been running #AbKaunNachega to promote it

India is a price sensitive market and let’s accept it, most of us go weak as soon as we see discount or sale boards. I’ve known people who wait for the weekend to find out which sale to dig in. With life going digital and shopping behaviors changing, eCommerce giants in the country are emoting the same sale behavior online. Some time back Flipkart had one going, this week it is Amazon India that is running its ‘The Great Indian Summer Sale’ from May 6 to 8.

With the ever increasing sales in the space, eCommerce companies are being forced to invest on promotions to get the desired traffic coming in and keep shopping. To launch the sale Amazon India did the same, it tied up with Orchard Advertising and recently launched a campaign titled ‘Whattey Deal, Whattey Feel’.

At the heart of the campaign, the brand has launched a 30-second TVC that opens up with people from all age groups dancing with their mobile phones at a railway station, a restaurant and a market place. The reason being they’ve got awesome deals from the Amazon sale. The ad ends with the message to download the Amazon mobile app to get amazing deals from the Great Indian Summer Sale.

Manish Kalra, Integrated Marketing Director, Amazon India added that with this campaign the brand wanted to delight customers with the greatest sale while having an infectious track to deliver the message. Over the time Amazon also launched regional ads to make sure they grab more eyeballs when the TVC is being run in different parts of the country.

The campaign also has an underlying message for viewers that to fetch better deals go mobile. With Flipkart forcing users to download its mobile app, such initiatives are bound to happen.

To get the word out on social media, apart from sharing the TVC, Amazon India started the promotions from  May 5th with a surprise deal. The brand came up with an interesting deal of iPhone for Rs. 500 only. Yes you read it right, but the only way one could get the crazy deal was by convincing  the brand that they deserved it. The brand even gave a hint that it loves pictures and videos.

For the entire day user responses kept pouring in as to why they deserved the crazy deal of iPhone for Rs.500. Some responses were really creative brilliance:

Post that on May 6th the brand ran another contest which has been going on for the two days. The brand asked users to put on their dancing shoes and tweet videos while celebrating deals with #AbKaunNachega.

With amazing giveaways to the contest, dancing shoes were in many numbers that made the hashtag trend on Twitter for today. Listed below are the winning dance numbers that matched up to the dance madness in the TVC.

For a three-day campaign where the objective was to create buzz about the sale, social media execution was perfect. Twitter was the obvious choice as a platform since Facebook offers no organic reach. Additionally the contest asking users to send dance videos aligns with the objective of the mainline campaign. Both the contests that the brand has been running for the last few days are not just about trending a mindless hashtag with a giveaway; the brand had forced users to be creative and win the contest.

However, it would be interesting to know how many app downloads the brand fetched during the sale period and was it better from the average daily downloads.