How Amazon India is stealing our hearts one beautiful story at a time

Amazon India's digital films this festive season serve to add the vital element of emotion as the brand journeys on building affinity in the Indian market, and perhaps sales in Eid, Diwali

Amazon India boasts of a massive inventory or probably believes in just-in-time, there’s everything from A to Z in its own identity design. But, there is one thing the ecommerce major confesses it does not have, nor can it deliver - love. The brand has, time and again, admitted to being a delivery agent only for material goods. For love, it urges consumers to deliver it themselves. For all gifts from A to Z, it’s always there for us!

Amazon India, one of the top three etailers in India has been sticking to this position over the years and, slowly and steadily, has been building an emotional differentiation in the minds of the Indian consumer. Be it expressing gratitude towards your parents, or love for your kids, Amazon India is always at your rescue when distances keep them apart.

It’s the season of festivals in the country and festivities brings families together. The etailer ensured it becomes a part of all festive gifting, Raksha Bandhan gifts for sisters or gifts of love to mothers.

Of late, Amazon India began rolling out a series of digital films that touched upon bonds of love in the family - an old man and his old sister, a young guy and his younger sister, a mother and her kids who’ve just turned adults. Each of the folks owe so much to their relationship, that they are now on a journey of paying it back just to see a smile on their dear ones’ faces.

#DeliverTheLove - We can only deliver gifts, not love.

Amazon India’s Raksha Bandhan campaign #DeliverTheLove was a memorable one; the brand confessed it cannot really deliver love. The 2-minute digital film managed to pierce through your heart and stir up some feelings hidden deep inside, especially in this age when we are used to sending and receiving gifts through ecommerce or courier companies.

An adorable old man is getting ready for a trip, even as his son tries to dissuade him due to his poor health. The son also finds a way out, he advises him to send a rakhi gift to his sister from the large range on the Amazon app. Our busy old man takes a pause from his packing and tells the son that it isn’t about the gift – it is her smile that he is looking forward to, and that is something he will miss if he delivers the gift from Amazon.

The voiceover at the end explains the limits of Amazon: “Iss Raksha Bandhan hum gift tho pahuncha denge, par pyaar tho aapko hi pahunchana padega.”

#MomBeAGirlAgain - gifting Indian mothers a second chance at their dreams.

Amazon shifted its focus on mothers through a tri-series of digital films, each a little more than 2 minutes long. And what other theme than the supreme sacrifice mothers make in order to bring up their children. The video campaign called #MomBeAGirlAgain tells us stories of three such mothers who had sacrificed their personal interests for the sake of their children. The children, and in one case the husband, have taken up the task of lighting up their mother’s long lost dream now.

The story of a certain Lalla Zaveri is one of a single mother who gave it all up for raising her daughter alone. The daughter has now sent her a pair of skates and a helmet as a surprise, and urges her to start skating again through an emotion-laden email.

Vani, a mother who left behind her passion for travel photography after her son was born, receives a surprise package one day from him. A DSLR camera pops up from the Amazon carton, and now the mother is elated at seeing her favourite thing on this planet. Excited, she asks her husband who it is from. He hands her a letter and her eyes begin welling up, as she begins to read it.

The son had gifted them as he was leaving to live his life abroad, and wanted his mother to now go back to her first love - photography. In the letter, he begins with a story told by his dad about why he chose to marry his mother. Unlike other girls, when he had come to visit her, she had shown him all her best clicks, and not what she could cook.

Ganesh Chaturthi, an adorable brother sister duo and ‘Adjust No More’.

Amazon is truly on a spree at stealing our emotional Indian hearts. This Ganesh Chaturthi, the ecommerce major rolled out a sweet 50-second video story about a brother and his younger sister who is habitual to getting her pen blessed by the lord every year, so she would do well in her exams.

This one time, she has lost the pen and is desperately searching for it, much to her disappointment. Just then her brother puts a different pen in her hand and tells her to adjust with it this time. During the festival, she places it in front of Ganesha and begins to pray with all her heart, her eyes closed shut. Her brother is shown replacing the pen with a new one similar to the one she had lost.

As she finishes with her prayers, she opens her eyes to find her old pen in place of the temporary fix. Overjoyed at this miracle by the lord, the girl is quite happy. Her brother is smiling from ear to ear with an Amazon carton held behind his back.

The male voiceover then takes over in Marathi, “For all the big problems, pray to Ganesha, but for the smaller problems, Amazon is with you to take care of them.”

Growing an Ecommerce Ecosystem is a big challenge in a diverse country like India, and major players, including niche category players are now also opening up physical stores. The number of buyers is also stagnant. From 12-15 million shoppers at the end of 2013, the number of regular buyers has grown to 50-60 million at the start of 2016. And, it is still at the same figure. Amazon India, Flipkart and Snapdeal are all out with their membership offers, and each is striving to procure new users and delight the existing regular buyers into turning loyal ones.

For Flipkart Assured, a membership program similar to Amazon Prime, the ecommerce firm brought its kids back. Perhaps the kids could work their magic to grow the online buyer base in India.

Amazon India is investing heavily into its advertising and marketing efforts on all fronts. After last year’s #AurDikhao, #TryTohKar and this year’s #ApniDukaan, Amazon India then appended #WeIndians to it a few months back. The campaign celebrated our desi Indian quirks using interesting narratives and helped “establish how the brand’s offerings and services were in complete sync with what the consumer wants.”

‘Adjust No More’ has been a constant campaign cry following that. A series of ads, visuals and gifs on the social web are all telling the story of ‘no more adjusting’ with Amazon at your fingertips. A funny series called ‘Adjustopedia’ is also on in partnership with popular comedians.

The recent digital films marking the festive season serve to add the vital element of emotion as the brand journeys on building affinity in the Indian market. And perhaps sales in the upcoming major festivals of Eid, Diwali and Christmas!