How OgilvyOne Bangalore Created Massive Engagement By Reaching Out To 16,000 Unique Users For Amazon Diwali Sale

Case study by OgilvyOne for Amazon Diwali sale, where the agency engaged people with a mixture of content and engagement ideas centred on Diwali, its common symbols and festivities

The Client

Amazon India is one of the key e-commerce companies in the country and constantly competes with other retailers and e-retailers during the sales and the festive seasons.

The Agency – OgilvyOne Bangalore

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Problem Statement

We wanted to take the Amazon message of Dhadaam Dhudoom Diwali across all social platforms in an engaging way, that didn’t take away from the Diwali message the brand was trying to drive.

Identified Objectives

  • Get the most amount of eyeballs on social with campaigns.
  • Engage with a large number of people during the campaign period.


Diwali is one of India’s most celebrated festivals. It is the season of house cleaning, redecorating, and shopping for outfits, gifts and sweets. People buy cars, white goods, pore over the latest festive fashion trends and decide on what to make from weeks before. Over the past few years with the retail and e-commerce boom in the country, Diwali has also become the time for offers and mega sales. It is also a time for high volume of media and advertising expenditure with all brands upping their media spends and a lot of movies prepping for Diwali releases.

With TV and Print getting saturated with ads, most brands now look to social media to strike a deeper connect with their consumers. On social media too, the noise tends to be very high during festive seasons. We wanted to take the Amazon message of Dhadaam Dhudoom Diwali across all social platforms in an engaging way, that didn’t take away from the Diwali message the brand was trying to drive.

We had a campaign period of about 20 days and sought to keep our followers engaged with a mixture of content and engagement ideas centred on Diwali and common symbols and festivities associated with it. We wanted to recreate this for our followers and create the maximum amount of engagement and noise.

We approached it with a mix of seeding content and an interesting mix of engagement opportunities for our followers.

1. TVC Launch – We were expecting a surge on conversations with the launch of our TVC and were prepared with festive looking replies in GIF form.

2. Fulfilment Center content – We wanted people to know about what happens before a big sale launches, the kind of preparations underway. We wanted to give them a little glimpse of where all the stuff on Amazon actually comes from. Diwali is a time when our Fulfilment Centers are at their busiest. We ship millions of products in the span of a few days. We wanted to give people peek into the momentum of the sale.

3. Deal Highlights – With hourly deals on e-commerce websites and on multiple products, people tend to miss the juiciest of deals. We wanted to inform our followers of these in a way that kept up with the spirit of Diwali. So, a matchbox would open up every day with the deal of the day.

Midnight deal are the most exciting and also tend to get lost at times. We wanted an engaging way for people to actually look up the deals, so we gave them emoji based clues of the same in the hour leading up to midnight.

4. Housie – People get together for parties for Diwali and a popular game is Housie. We wanted to recreate housie on Twitter. We asked people to match their cart value to the number thrown out by Amazon every half hour. We drove visits to our website, and also made people look though our product catalogues.

5. DIY Diwali on Amazon – Diwali is all about people undertaking small tasks and decorating your home with rangoli, diyas and lanterns. We wanted people to show us their DIY. For this activity we also involved influencers.

6. #LightsCameraDiwali - Diwali photostory for the days leading to Diwali with a theme that was intrinsic with the festival.

7. #NotgoingHome #HappyDiwaliFromAmazon – Diwali is about family and being with friends and loved ones. But there are always those who have to stay back and can’t be with their family. We wanted to take this opportunity and make Diwali special for them and make these people feel loved. We thought it was a great way to end the sale, to give back to the people and give us a chance to connect with them.

We started listening in to conversations on Twitter using the Spriklr Listening Suite and identified people who were talking about not being with their family. Of the over 100 people who we narrowed down on, 8 were based in Bangalore and were hand delivered gifts. These deliveries were captured on camera and converted into photo and video stories. The campaign was received positively on social, and we got a lot of tweets from the gift recipients and other customers talking about


  • With the Deals on Amazon, there was a 50% increase in social share of site visits during the campaign.
  • With this campaign comprising above mentioned activities and a few more we trended on Twitter for a total of 50+ hours over a period of 20 days with multiple hashtags trending on the same day.
  • We saw 120k mentions across all social media, 40Mn people on Facebook, 415Mn impressions on Twitter and reaching over 16,000 unique users.


Content from the brand keeping with the theme of the festivities resonated well with people.

Content from the brand showing what actually goes on behind the scenes is well appreciated.

When the brand takes a few steps to create a moment of delight for the customer, it is very well received and appreciated.