Kindle Woos Avid Readers, New Brand Films Feature Bestselling Authors

Amazon Kindle has roped in bestselling authors Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi in new brand film for the #CrazyForReading social media campaign

Kindle crazyloveforreading

Amazon India has been working hard at instilling e-reading habits in the country, ever since it launched the Kindle Paperwhite in India last year. The company recently launched a couple digital films featuring bestselling authors, Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi, as part of its #CrazyForReading promotional campaign.

Amazon roped in the Bangalore-based digital agency Propoganda India to create the two films that capture the authors’ reading habits on the e-reader. Each of the films take a viewer through their journey of reading and how it evolved to reading on the Kindle. While on the Kindle, the authors are seen describing the various features of the e-reader and how it has helped them fulfil their ‘crazy love for reading’.

In this film, author Ashwin Sanghi with five bestsellers to his credit, shares how the Kindle has improved upon his crazy reading habits over the ages. He demos the device features like search, highlight, like, changing font size, background and more.


The video uploaded a week back has received over 147 K views, just as the film featuring author Amish Tripathi. The bestselling writer of the Shiva Trilogy shares his crazy love for reading has seen him reading anywhere from 4 to 5 books a month since the last 30 years. He takes us through other interesting features of the Kindle like low light reading, long battery life, and more.


The minute-long films are being shared on social media through the brand’s properties as well as the authors themselves. Ashwin Sanghi enjoys a large following on social media with more than 137K followers on Twitter and 650K fans on his Facebook page that goes by his pseudonym ‘Shawn Haigins’. Amish Tripathi has more than 77.8K followers on Twitter.

Meanwhile the Amazon Kindle India Facebook page and Twitter handle is inviting fans to make reading cool again. It has been urging users to share their #CrazyForReading stories by tagging them and promising to feature the craziest stories, with a chance to win the Kindle too! So whether it’s mistaking books for food, staying up all night because you just couldn’t put a book down, or moping all day because you couldn’t get over a book, fans have been sharing their crazy reading habits using the campaign hashtag #CrazyForReading.

#CelebrateReading to #CrazyForReading: Wooing the Indian reader

Late last year the Kindle Paperwhite was launched in India through a massive #CelebrateReading campaign across social media. The e-reader built buzz on social media with the help of online influencers and incentivised Twitter contests that gave away Kindle Paperwhites for prizes. The influencer-studded campaign saw the likes of Gul Panag, Neha Dhupia and Rahul Bose; celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, sports stars Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal, director Farah Khan, all sharing their love for the new Kindle.

The celebration was powered by a beautiful long format ad film featuring a young man travelling across the country to reach a tiny hamlet and narrate to the kids the stories he had been reading all the while on his Kindle. Rather than specifying its technical specifications, the Amazon Kindle sought to celebrate e-reading in its communication.

This time around, the e-reader has taken a long leap by getting celebrated and social media savvy authors to endorse the Kindle. It also adds to the campaign tone to have authors who command a large following of both the young and old alike, talking about their love for Kindle. Reaching out to the followers of influential authors has helped Kindle reach out to the digitally driven readers. Featuring user stories of #CrazyForReading creates further online advocates for the Kindle.