#AmazonCart - Add Products Now From Twitter Buy Later, Amazon India’s New Feature

#AmazonCart is Amazon India's new feature that allows users to add products to shopping cart from Twitter and shop later.

Twitter is the first source of information for many like us and the e-commerce company Amazon knows that all too well. To get more out of this behavior, Amazon India has launched a smart feature called #AmazonCart which allows you to add products to your shopping cart on Amazon and you can complete the process of buying at a later time.

Cool enough? At least it is for Amazon India (ever since the moment I used #AmazonCart, re-targeting of ads has been at work).

The way it works is that if you see any product on Twitter with Amazon product link then simply tweet back with #AmazonCart. If your Twitter account is connected with Amazon then the product is added to your shopping cart on Amazon, if not then you are asked to connect Amazon app with Twitter.

To make things simple, Amazon India has launched a video that explains the process and a site to address the FAQs regarding #AmazonCart.

The smart feature that just adds products to the shopping cart has already got some much required eyeballs. Brands showcasing their products on Amazon have started tweeting about the new feature #AmazonCart:

The feature is interesting since it helps Twitter users to simply add stuff to their shopping cart without leaving the platform, while leaving the purchase decisions for later. Twitter as a platform is still to get eyeballs like Facebook has got in the country, but the Smartphone penetration can make all the difference.

Going further Amazon India might want to use the Twitter cards feature to enable commerce on the platform. Or it might knock the doors of messaging apps in the country.