Chutki Tries Amazon And Gets Everyone To Dubsmash For #TryTohKar

For #TryTohKar campaign, Amazon India teamed up with Gaurav Gera for his popular Chutki series and got fans to Dubsmash these Chutki videos too

Amazon India TryTohKar

Building a market starts with changing consumer behaviour and that’s quite an uphill task in a country with varying socioeconomic conditions every few kilometers. Ecommerce players in the country are fighting tooth and nail to get more and more Indians to buy online. Despite the encouraging smartphone sales and heavy discounts, tech-savvy Indians are still hesitant to buy online.

The fear of being deceived with fake products or worse still receiving stones instead of laptops, has added to the lack of ‘touch and feel’ before you buy. While Askmebazaar has launched a public interest campaign warning consumers about fake brands on ecommerce portals, Amazon India is directly addressing these fears in its new campaign - “Ek Bar Amazon Try Toh Kar…Ho kar Befikar”.

For television, there is a set of two TVCs conceptualized by Orchard Advertising. One talks about 100% original products on Amazon, the other highlights its easy-return policy.

On digital, the brand embarked on a fun route to drive social buzz, in association with its digital agency Flying Cursor. The idea was to create buzz and build fan engagement around #TryTohKar. Amazon India teamed up with the very talented and funny Gaurav Gera and his viral ‘Shopkeeper & Chutki’ and ‘Chutki & Suyyash’ video series.

Gaurav Gera, the television actor who shot to fame playing a notorious female named Chutki on the small screen, took her character to social media via a funny video series. The one man army plays Chutki as well as a Shopkeeper in the videos where Chutki tries all the tricks in the book to visit the shopkeeper every single day, and engage him in small talk.

The never amused shopkeeper pays no heed to her, while their conversations make sure you laugh out loud. In another series, Gaurav again plays a double role - Chutki as well as her partner Suyyash. Their conversations make for hilarious videos, shared across the actor’s social media properties.

In a strategic move, Amazon India got Chutki talking about Amazon in two videos each with shopkeeper and Suyyash. Chutki visits the shopkeeper only to inform him that she has found all her requirements on the portal and so will not come to buy anything today. In the other series, when Suyyash informs his Chutki about Amazon’s return policy, she asks him if she can return him too!

Shopkeeper - Aaj Nahi Aaongi ! #shopkeeper #hanjibenji #chutki #gauravgera #AajNahiAaongi #amazondotin #TryTohKar @amazondotin

A video posted by Gaurav Gera (@gauravgera) on

Chutki and Suyyash ! #gauravgera #hanjibenji #chutki #chutkisuyyash #shopkeeper #amazondotin #suyyash #TryTohKar @amazondotin A video posted by Gaurav Gera (@gauravgera) on

By the time these videos had gained enough views, it was uploaded on Dubsmash and people were invited to dubsmash these in the most creative ways possible. The winner could walk away with a INR 10K worth Amazon voucher. From rough video editing to crazy make up and use of props, participants submitted their own creative versions of Chutki’s #TryTohKar.

Organic. Fun. Engaging

Partnering with Gaurav Gera’s Chutki series is a brilliant move on social media. Gaurav Gera has a huge follower base on his Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram pages and his ‘Chutki’ is a popular character. Amazon India leveraged his social popularity well for #TryTohKar, making the campaign less of an advertisement and more consumer entertainment.

Both entertaining and creative, these user-generated Dubsmash videos not only helped build engagement but also generated buzz on Twitter. #TryTohKar Dubsmash on Twitter generated over 1495 tweets, and achieved a reach of 1.5 million and timeline deliveries of 13 million. The campaign hashtag #TryTohKar trended on the day of the activity.

Amazon India is apparently on a roll with India-centric ads and fun social media campaigns. Earlier the brand indulged in #AurDikhao, an integrated campaign showcasing how its massive range of products fits into the Indian shopping psyche that will only make a purchase after it feels it has seen all what the market has to offer. During ‘The Great Indian Summer Sale’, Amazon had conducted a similar Dubsmash campaign for ‘Whattey Deal, Whattey Feel’, where one had to dance to the amazing offers for a chance to win big.