Amazon Celebrates Our Desi Quirks In New Campaign #WeIndians

The ad films, the 5-second YouTube ads together with the content around #WeIndians has added a breath of fresh hope to Amazon's journey this year, but it needs to tread carefully with a campaign like #WeIndians

Amazon weindians

We Indians are a funny lot. We have a unique desi way of doing everything, unlike seen anywhere else in the world. We love to help, but never fail to jump the queue. We love free food but never forget to complain about its poor quality, after having had mouthfuls of the same. We have a nickname for nearly everybody, but don’t spare a moment to get offended if someone were to give us a nickname we don’t approve of!

Acclaimed writer Khushwant Singh has made an entire collection of our hilarious approach to life in ‘We Indians’. ‘We Indians’, is almost like a collective shout out to all our desi brothers and sisters, acknowledging our distinctive and weird cultural traits in unison.

So, when an ecommerce brand like Amazon India adopts the ‘We Indians’ thought process and bakes it into its new campaign by the same name, you know there is something funny about that, or maybe something offensive, as you’ll know soon.

Last year’s #AurDikhao, #TryTohKar and this year’s #ApniDukaan is now being appended with #WeIndians, which as per the company spokesperson, “effectively celebrates Indian style, using interesting narratives and establishing how our offerings and services are in complete sync with what the consumer wants.”

The campaign comprises a series of films looking to address our major concerns while shopping online: original products, easy returns, fast and on-time delivery. Created by Orchard Advertising from the Leo Burnett Group, each of the ads capture our distinct quirks and tie it back to the brand.

‘We Indians love Asli’ is all about our love for original. A rickshaw driver checks a 500 rupee note against the light, a woman at the bazaar checks the coconut by shaking it before choosing one, a man at a furniture store sleeps, jumps and does many more things on a sofa set at the display, despite the ‘Please do not sit’ request on a cushion.

‘We Indians love Jaldi’ is all about our fast paced life. A man at a restaurant table puts in his mouth a steaming hot vada, a woman cannot wait for the stop sign, she crosses the road by just using her hand as a stop signal. A bridegroom tells his pandit to quicken the wedding rituals. The epic one is this: a man getting into a crowded bus books his seat from outside; all he does is drop a handkerchief through the window!

Additionally, little quirks have been captured for YouTube 5-second ads. You see all of it before you can even skip it.

Social media is being populated with the #WeIndians philosophy. Apart from sharing the ads, the brand has been putting out tiny snippets from each of the ads, reflecting our desi mindset. Each of it has been smartly tied back how it resonates with the ecommerce brand as well. Contests, like in every campaign, are aligned with the idea. #WeIndiansLoveRange is inviting people to send over videos showcasing their range of cricket strokes, for a chance to win gift vouchers.

Going desi again

In 2015. Amazon India was the most-visited ecommerce site in the country and also had the fastest-growing shopping app among all ecommerce companies, shared a company spokesperson. Still, Amazon’s net loss for its India business widened to Rs 1,724 crore in the year ended March 2015, reports ET. Flipkart reported a loss of about Rs. 2000 crore, while Snapdeal reported a loss of Rs. 1,328 crores. The combined losses of the ‘Big 3’ online firms amounted to Rs 5,052 crore as they wooed buyers with deep discounts throughout the year.

India’s ecommerce market is expected to grow to $103 billion by March 2020. Amazon has high hopes for India and, like other ecommerce brands, is betting big on the expected exponential growth of internet users in the country. It’s pumping in more and more money into advertising and promotions, with the aim to change Indian shopping behaviour, and that is slowly being achieved  with the combined effect of Diwali sale, Great Indian Amazon sale and the relatable desi campaigns like Aur Dikhao, TryTohKar, Apni Dukaan and now We Indians.

The ad films, the 5-second YouTube ads together with the engagement being built around #WeIndians content has added a breath of fresh hope to Amazon’s journey for this year. But, Amazon needs to tread carefully with a campaign like ‘#WeIndians’, because ‘We Indians’ are also not known to have a healthy sense of humour. We take instance offense if someone from ‘outside’ mocks our cultural traits, we love to mock ourselves and don’t need outsiders.

When a hoarding featuring a picture of a stalled Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus being pushed by a group of people with the caption ‘We Indians love helping’, was seen in Bengaluru, people took to social media to criticize the company for insulting their state transport. As per the TOI, Amazon has reportedly removed the hoarding and apologized for the same. ‘We Indians’ are like this only!

Anyways, there seems to be a definite push for its India business, and hopefully that works before Bezos burns out all his cash!