How Allen Solly Rebrands To “Hot Fridays” Integrating Social Media

How Allen Solly rebrands itself from "Friday Dressing" To "Hot Fridays" integrating Social Media to create awareness

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Friday is the day that most of us look up to as it marks the beginning of the weekend. Friday also means that at most work places you can be casually dressed in a jeans and a t-shirt - a dressing sense that was incorporated two decades ago by Allen Solly. The brand redefined its clothing line and changed the look of work place with a much more casual and chilled out look. The clothes that were introduced were “relaxed formals” - which were not casual yet not formal. This entire change brought in by Allen Solly during the early nineties finally led to the concept of “Friday Dressing.”

Two decades later things have changed, businesses have changed the way they work and the generation today that comprises of the work force is different. So it was a challenge for Allen Solly to match up to the fast paced world. Post an entire study, the brand felt that it was time to re-brand itself to fit in the market.

The brand started by changing the logo and emblem and transforming the look of the retail stores which now have a blend of the traditional British heritage of Allen Solly mixed with the modernity of today. The communications were changed and the brand re-positioned itself from “Friday Dressing” to “Hot Fridays.”

“Fridays were no more about dress down but to dress up since Fridays today are more about going out and socializing with people too”, shared Sooraj Bhat, Brand Head, Allen Solly in an interaction with Campaign India.


Integrating Social Media with the Rebranding process

The brand that has a prominent presence on Facebook and Twitter, milked both the networks for the entire process. Facebook, which has more than one million fans now has been quite interesting compared to Twitter. In addition to the smart content, the brand had designed a Facebook app – “Hot Fridays” was exclusively built for Allen Solly fans and if you were not then it required you to ‘like’ before you could participate in the contest. The contest was a simple one, where you had to share your “Hot Friday” story and you could claim for prizes if your story had maximum votes from your friends.

Taking this one step further, Allen Solly launched its latest Friday collection through a first-of-its-kind tweeple powered launch at Garuda Mall in Bangalore. People from the city of Bangalore were invited to ‘Tweet themselves with a hot Friday’. All one had to do was visit the mall between 3:30 and 6:30 pm with a smartphone and a Twitter account.

The game worked like this: The brand tweeted using a hashtag #RainingSolly Fridays are hot because… and tweeples had to tweet using the hashtag given with a particular code. The hashtag kept changing every 15 minutes and they had to tweet the fastest as the fast ones stood to win an Allen Solly shirt. To make it interactive the tweets were simultaneously livestreamed as well on the Allen Solly Facebook page or one could always follow the hashtag #RainingSolly.

In addition to this, the brand has also started a series of  YouTube videos which have been named as “Solly On Style.” These videos are shoots on people who are associated with the Fashion industry and getting their thoughts on what Friday dressing means to them. For example one of the first videos that was uploaded was with Santu Mishra, a fashion and design blogger. Santu starts to talk about his work and then shares what Friday dressing means to him and what would he ideally wear to look cool on a Friday.

An excellent initiative to gather views from young experts and what they think about the changed brand that is now portraying Fridays as “Hot Fridays.”

Ending Thoughts

Sooraj in his excerpts accepted that the spend on social is quite less right now but it is a medium that they have pushed a lot for this re-branding and they will continue to keep faith on the medium in the coming future. The brand not only integrated the networks quite effectively but throughout the re-branding process the brand made sure the tone on social media specially on Facebook kept the “Hot Friday” feeling.

Impressive to see how Allen Solly has adopted with the changing times and capitalized on social media too during this process of evolution. Definitely, Fridays have become hot with “Hot Fridays.”