Allen Solly Launches New Collection Powered By City Tweeple

Allen Solly launched its latest Friday collection through a first-of-its-kind tweeple powered launch at Garuda Mall in Bangalore using the hastag #RainingSolly


Madura Fashions promoted menswear brand Allen Solly, the brand that had made the concept of ‘Friday dressing’ popular recently underwent a change in brand identity. The new contemporary look and logo was designed keeping in mind its heritage value and Friday dressing image. Taking this one step further, Allen Solly launched its latest Friday collection through a first-of-its-kind tweeple powered launch at Garuda Mall in Bangalore.

Allen Solly #rainingsolly

People from the city of Bangalore were invited to ‘Tweet themselves with a hot Friday’! All one had to do was visit the mall between 3:30 and 6:30 pm with a smartphone and a Twitter account on the day of the launch i.e. Saturday 27th October. For those without smartphones, they could always enable the text messaging for Twitter. The brand had ensured prior instructions to change Twitter settings for text messaging.

The game works like this: The brand tweets using a hashtag #RainingSolly Fridays are hot because… and tweeps had to tweet using the hashtag given with a particular code. The hashtag will keep changing every 15 minutes and you have to tweet the fastest as the fast ones stand to win an Allen Solly shirt!

The tweets were livestreamed as well on the Allen solly Facebook page or one could always follow the hashtag #RainingSolly.

The concept is unique but had it been for me, I would have chosen to launch the ‘Friday dressing’ range on a Friday instead of a Saturday evening!

Brands are getting cooler on social media and how. Launching a collection with the help of city tweeps and Twitter has helped bridge the offline-online divide. Quite an innovative concept to get your city folks to your new product launch and the use of Twitter made it even simpler and fun. Way to go, Allen Solly!

Image courtesy: Balakrishnan Aravind Facebook page