Akosha’s Engagement With It’s Community On Twitter

Akosha's Engagement With It's Community On Twitter


Consumer issues are never ending. Sometimes the brand is not interested in listening or it is too big to look at such petty issues. A few years back if you had a problem, you grumbled, cussed and then started adjusting with the problem. In today’s social world, things have changed as brands are present in all those networks where you reside. But is your problem solved? Well, harshly the story remains the same. You might get a nice tweet that the brand is looking into the problem but the problem remains unsolved like before as it is in my case with Tata Docomo. So what can a customer do other than keep on blasting the brand with a #fail tag or is there a better way? Well, Akosha is the one point destination for all your complaints against brands. Akosha works with customers and the brands to resolve issues. Apart from an amazing business model that Ankur Singla shared with me over the phone, he also shared Akosha’s social media initiative.

Akosha to begin with started building its community on Facebook. With time Akosha’s in-house team that manages the social media initiatives understood that the page was not getting much response from the community. During this time, the team also invested a lot of time on the Akosha Blog and that was one of the breakthroughs. The team started sharing the posts on Facebook and this led to lot of eyeballs. The blog got in lot of like-minded people and till day is one of the biggest traffic boosters. This went on for a while and they also tried their hands on Twitter. After playing around with 140 characters for a while, the team found the medium of one to one communication really very interesting. Apart from engaging, sharing content on Twitter with the desired community was quite easy and effective too. Ankur and his team found Twitter really effective and that led me to find out more on the engagement being performed.

With more than seven hundred plus followers, @MyAkosha really has a great fan following. Apart from this there are several cool things Akosha is doing on Twitter that I am highlighting below with some tips too.

1. The Twitter image, bio, twitter handle are all perfect. The bio very well incorporates the website address but how about providing a link that takes your Twitter followers to the testimonials page or to the page that tells how Akosha works. This will give a better understanding to your followers as compared to just the main site. Twitter backgrounds can be used quite effectively if one wishes. Check this site that illustrates some ways how one can use the Twitter background.

2. Twitter is a platform for real people holds true even if you are a brand. Let your followers know who is tweeting on behalf of Akosha. This adds a face to the brand and I am certain that people will interact more comfortably and appreciate it.

3. The content that is being shared is really amazing and helpful. Tips like this are really useful for a layman like me,

[quotetweet tweetid=141043460101783553]

However, Twitter is a more active network so it would be great if we have more such content. Think of Buffer as an app if you want to schedule your tweets. Even I schedule my tweets as it’s not always possible to sit on Twitter but Buffer makes the experience really better.

4. In terms of engagement, Akosha really scores full marks which can be seen in the below Twitter thread. So the only thing I can share here is to continue with this excellent engagement with followers.







Akosha's Twitter Engagement


5. Finally do monitor your Twitter account it is quite essential if you are really serious about your tweets. Won’t suggest any app here as over the time I have felt manual way is better. So keep the content in line with your objective, keep talking and listening to followers and don’t forget to recommend your followers on Twitter.

Ankur, I must appreciate that you guys are doing a great job on Twitter and Akosha as a business model is really solving pain problems of Indian customers.

[quotetweet tweetid=141205932809011200]

We wish you the very best and hope that our tips could be of some help to you. In case you need any help, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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