Airtel’s HFZ Youtube Campaign

Airtel's HFZ Youtube Campaign

‘Har friend zaroori hai, yaar’ ?(HFZ) Well not sure if you require each of them but by this message Airtel India has tried to connect with the youth of India. Not only does this message from the brand ties well with the emotion of friendship but also has been pictured very coolly. Carrying on along the same success lines, Airtel has planned to release another set of 20 videos under the same brand campaign HFZ.

The 20 cool videos that have been created by the talented agency TapRoot are inspired by the different friend types that fans had conceived on Facebook. These 20 videos will be a part of Airtel’s Youtube brand channel, which will not only make you laugh but involve to have fun and win goodies too.

Airtel’s Youtube Channel

The Youtube brand channel makes you nostalgic about your college days when you are on it. As a fan you are not shown just the videos but you are asked to unlock one video at a time. The videos are based on typical characteristics of friends that we might have come across in our life. For example there will be one stingy friend or one Bollywood heroine in the group. So I am sure you will love to tag some of your friends who inherit these characteristics like I did on Facebook while watching it on Youtube. Once you unlock couple of the videos you will find them under the ‘Friend Type’ menu as locked and unlocked ones.

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Airtel also gives you a chance to showcase your creativity wherein you can create a video before 31’st January 2012 and stand a chance to win goodies. So if you think you are interested then shoot a funny video, give an unique name to it, submit the video, ask your friends to support it by likes and comments and finally pray for lady luck while it is being judged by 3 judges. If your video is one of the favorites of all the judges then you stand a chance to party in Ibiza, Spain with your friends. Along with this, the top 20 videos get a chance to win a cool Nokia Lumia 800 each.

Airtel India HFZ

Why I like the HFZ Youtube Campaign?

1. Moving ahead on social networks, today videos are the best way to engage with fans and Airtel has been quick to grab this opportunity.

2. Airtel has made sure that they simply don’t upload videos but they drive engagement too with fans by creating the gamification to excite viewers to unlock and share videos. Tagging friends on Facebook with the cool videos while you are watching them on Youtube is a great way of spreading the word. I have already tagged three of my friends 🙂

3. Uploading your own video not only calls fans to showcase their talent but also spreads positive word of mouth via fans. Exciting goodies make the contest merrier.

Along with the Youtube Channel, Airtel has started sharing these videos with it’s Facebook community. I like the way they have carried out the campaign and it will capture more eyeballs if it shares the videos created by fans for the contest. The campaign connects with me even though I am in my early thirties. So youth of India, does this excite you or you are bored?