@Airtel_Presence Most Responsive Telecom Brand On Twitter [Report]

An analysis of the telecom brands on how are they performing on twitter with regards to customer support.

telecom brands on twitterTwitter as we know is one of the effective platforms for conversations. With time brands have given a new meaning to Twitter, by converting them into a customer servicing platform.

The customer service which was on the phone a few years ago, has made a shift to Twitter now. Most of the Indian brands specially those in the service business have adopted this methodology.

One of the foremost reasons being its quickness to connect to customers and also gain positive word of mouth in front of thousands of followers. But the hard fact is – most of them don’t understand the simplicity of the platform and use it as a promotional medium.

Some time back I had shared a story to highlight the power of a tweet. After that I did a small study in understanding how the telecom operators especially are using Twitter.

Most of the brands such as Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, etc. use Twitter for customer support along with other ways of engaging with followers. It goes without saying that these brands are also facing the music. But do you think customers should be blamed for this or are these brands not using Twitter effectively?

So I thought of doing another study to find out which is the most effective brand on Twitter in serving its customer. The details of the study are shared below:

Objective: To find out which is the most effective telecom brand for customer support on Twitter.

Brands Monitored: Aircel India, Bharti Airtel India, Idea Cellular, Reliance Mobile, Vodafone Essar India, Tata Docomo.

Monitoring Period: 1/1/2012 to 31/5/2012 (5 months)

Monitoring Product: Unmetric, social media monitoring tool.

Parameters Analyzed:

1. Frequency Of Tweets:

Telecom Brands on Twitter- Frequency

  • The above data provides clear indication that Airtel is out there on Twitter with an objective of engaging with its customers. In last five months the brand tweeted 34,991 tweets and 33,928 were replies. The only telecom brand that is performing so well in providing customer support on Twitter.
  • Vodafone India is the second best after Airtel. Out of 1015 tweets in the last 5 months, 1013 were replies from Vodafone
  • Reliance Mobile is the only brand that is not at all engaging on Twitter and has tweeted 830 tweets in the last six months and not a single one is a reply. I wonder if it is just a bot!

2. Average Reply Time (ART):

Telecom brands on twitter- ART

  • In today’s time along with service, customers need prompt response from the brand. The above image again highlights the fact that Airtel is the fastest in responding to queries  on Twitter. In last 5 months out of 22,893 replies, 19593 replies were executed in less than 15 minutes by the brand and which makes it as the fastest telecom brand to reply on Twitter.
  • Tata Docomo has a good response time on Twitter after Airtel. Out of 1904 tweets, 996 were replied in less than 15 minutes. However, at the same time the brand took more than a day for 104 replies!
  • Reliance mobile takes the longest response time on Twitter followed by Idea Cellular. In last 5 months out of 17 replies, Reliance Mobile has taken greater than one day for responding to 9 replies. Clearly a brand that needs to look into its Twitter strategy.

Airtel India is undoubtedly one of the brands that has effectively decoded Twitter as a customer support platform. Addressing customer problems is the first step in getting the problems resolved. Airtel seems to have got it right while other brands such as Reliance, Idea Cellular are still gearing up. Tata Docomo has the largest follower list on Twitter just as it has the biggest number of fans on Facebook but social media is not about numbers.

Do you find Airtel India as one of the responsive brands on Twitter or you have your own favorite?