Airtel Rising Stars, The Hunt For Indian Soccer Talents Through Facebook

by Prasant Naidu on June 29, 2012

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I used to wonder why Football hasn’t been promoted the way Cricket is done in our country when we have the talent.  However, with time we are seeing a change in mindset and Airtel has now come with a massive talent hunt for 12 best U-16 soccer talents that would be given a chance to train at the Manchester United Soccer School. Not only would you play in the historic ground of Old Trafford but will also get trained the way gods of football like Rooney Wayne, Ryan Giggs, etc. are trained. The contest starts from 14th July and is going to be conducted all over India. Besides this, to create a buzz about the contest Airtel has created a Facebook fan page and a dedicated Facebook app too.

airtel soccer

Airtel Rising Stars Facebook App

Once the app completes the authentication process, you land up on a dashboard that breathes football from every section. The home page of the dashboard is a playground, which has a player running with a ball. Make the player run in the ground and you will uncover different sections of the app. The app provides complete details of the game and the entire process in sections such as Program Detail and Trail Schedule has some visually interesting sections designed for football lovers. ARS program format section is one such section, which shows the entire program format in the typical football match strategy. For example, a fan who is interested in registering will start from Facebook registration and move ahead by clearing the different levels of selection process and finally reaching the goal. This same selection process has been shown as ball being passed from defender Rio Ferdinand to midfield finally reaching to striker Rooney to hit a goal and which also is the final selection of the talent hunt. An awesome way of depicting a simple program format.

ARS program format

Another section that is also a visual treat and interestingly developed is the Trail Schedule. This section shares the cities in which the initial trails would be done and to express this feature, the app displays a map of India pointing cities that would be having the selections. In addition to this, the complete addresses are also displayed along with the cities.

ARS trail schedule

Register Now is another very well designed feature which takes all the details of the participant along with parent’s consent for this contest. Invite A Friend, a Facebook feature has been also included to invite your friends to this contest and help spread the word.

Is the Facebook app cool?

The Facebook app is not only one of the best apps that I have reviewed in recent times but a lot of thought process has been invested in designing each section. Some of the reasons why the app is really cool are as follows:

1. The app follows all Facebook guidelines. Being a football contest related to Manchester United, this wrapping both the flavors has made the app one of the best apps in recent times.

2. You have to like the page to play the contest but that’s good since it is attracting football lovers. It makes sense to create a ‘like’ campaign to build a relevant community.

3. The app scores full marks in the design aspect. The team that designed the app has kept a football lover in mind and designed each and every section. ARS Program Format and Trail Schedule are a clear example of the awesome thinking that has gone into the design.

4. The app has been tested properly and has no glitches.

5. Including Facebook viral features such as Invite a Friend is really thoughtful and will give more scope to create buzz about the contest.

The Facebook page that is the home of ‘The Red Devils’ has already got a fan following of 764K and I am sure that this is going to grow as time passes and most of the credit will go to the Facebook app.

I am fascinated with the initiative by Airtel and the Facebook app, what are your reactions?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights.

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  • vardha

    pl. add a “email to” etc. feature to the site

    • Prasant Naidu

      contact details are there in “Contact Us” section :)

  • sandeep kumar

    sir i m interested your tournament .and i m a soccer coach in haridwar
    plz give the cont no this

    • Prasant Naidu

      Hi Sandeep just log into the FB page of this tournament given in the article and you would get all the details. Good luck and let us know your experience. I am also football lover :)

  • jaideep

    hi sir ……i am jaideep
    i just wanted to ask u that i turned 16 this 3rd july ………..
    and my d.o.b is 3rd july 1996 ……
    could i also participate in this .??????]

    • Prasant Naidu

      go ahead and kick some goals :)

  • dev singh

    where it is going to be in bangalore

    • Prasant Naidu

      please check the FB app :)

  • krishna

    sir isn’t it fr above 16??

    • Prasant Naidu

      16 and above :)

      • vikas

        but sir above on pic it has been written u-16, which means under 16

        • Prasant Naidu

          sorry it is U-16 …my mistake

  • Pawan Kumar Sharma

    Thanks for the review Prashant. Was blown away last night with the number of ads i saw on television about an application on Facebook. Social Media marketeers, We are slowly getting into the big league now for sure with TV Commercials airing specially for campaigns on Facebook.
    Good signs for the forthcoming time!

    Again , thanks for a great review Prasant.

    • Prasant Naidu

      No idea about TV as i don’t watch ;) but yes TV will merge into SM …going further. thanks for your comments

  • Jatin Parmar

    My DOB is 16th Nov 1999 can i participate,

    • Prasant Naidu

      it is a under 16 contest. better check on the FB page of Airtel soccer

  • anurag

    sar can we know the day of audition in delhi…………….my age is 16 can i participate .

    • Prasant Naidu

      for audition details please check the app you would find all details and check the post for help :)

  • Aditya

    Hello sir,
    My date of birth is 25-11-95. Can i participate?

    • Prasant Naidu

      only U-16 can do

      • Aditya

        But i am 16 at the moment.

  • Vivek Ps

    where will i get the date that i should reach the grond

    • Prasant Naidu

      the facebook app has section – trail schedule which has all the info :)

  • Abbas Chitalwala

    Hi Sir,
    My son is a football player and has played the Gothia cup in Sweden. Please tell me how to register for this event.

    • Prasant Naidu

      if he is U-16 then good luck :)

  • sangita

    whats the criteria to be eligible for this ???? my son is 9 yrs old is he eligible

    • Prasant Naidu

      it is U-16 so check the facebook app has section – trail schedule which has all the info :)

  • Vivek Ps

    at wat time i should reach there?

    • Prasant Naidu

      the facebook app has section – trail schedule which has all the info :)

  • crystal d’sa

    when are the selection in mumbai

    • Prasant Naidu

      the facebook app has section – trail schedule which has all the info :)

  • Vivek Ps

    there is only the place and date where we have to go
    no time is given there

  • Wilbur Meireles Lasrado

    I want to play this tournament…..!
    Please contact me +918983293103

    • Wilbur Meireles Lasrado

      Please Revert Back….:-)

  • Shruti Mangla

    I want to know more about this hunt ,please contact me on 919810211299

  • ajay

    i want to know about audition in delhi please inform about audition my contact number 9250709196

  • Krishna Shukla

    I want to know about audition

  • Krishna Shukla

    I am staying in Mumbai when audition will be their please contact me

  • nikhil chauhan

    i want to know about audition in delhi please inform about audition my contact number

  • nikhil chauhan

    I want to know about the trials in new delhi ..!!
    my number – 9868336662

  • Karanveer Singh

    hello sir my age is 18 yr can i…..

  • Vishwesh Jordan

    hello sir my age is 16 yr can i…..
    sir need only 1chance to show mah skills..

  • Vishal Naik

    can i show my skills in gauhati my age is 15 plz tell me sir

  • Nihar

    helllo Sir m From Mumbai….i dunt knw where is this soccer school starting…will U Please tell me the Place…..!!

  • Nihar

    If there would Be any trials in mumbai please call me on dis number….9029931755…..!!

  • ravindra

    hi sir my name is ravindra i am from robertsganj sir i want to know is auditions are helding in luckhnow or not i want to participate in this competition


    Sir, what is the procedure of selection process. please call me 09926353608

  • Shubham

    hello sir, M SHubham nd sir i am 15 yrs now…My D O B is 05/11/1996 so sir can i participate in dis rising star….??/

  • Lalnunsanga, Mizoram

    Please inform me about the audition, I want to participate. Contact No.9089106779

  • Shubham Negi

    hello sir, M SHubham nd sir i am 14 yrs now…My D O B is 01/01/1992 so sir can i participate in dis rising star….??/ my mob-8010289800

  • simer chahal

    hello sir im 16 years old my DOB is 14/12/1996
    can i give the auditions
    my contact number is 9780432096

  • simer chahal

    i want to know about the auditions in chandigarh

  • shubham

    hie sir , its shubham here i want to paticipate in airtel rising star event m 16 years m birthdate 11.10.1995 plzzz inform me . M frm mumbai .contact no- 9773138224 Email address-

  • akshay

    sir i am from mumbai pleseinform about selection take place in mumbai my phane no is 9757446848

  • Ashish

    hello sir, i m frm haryana. im 17 yrs old. cn u tel me the audition in haryana and chandigarh.
    my cntact no is8295590600

  • shibil

    hello sir iam shibil i want a chance to perform my skills plz

  • shibil


  • vishal pillay

    Hello sir I am Vishal pillay I want to know about audition in pune …my D.O.B is 13/9/1998 so plz inform me .my contact no is:+919860685679/+919689522400

  • devendra

    Hello Sir, I am 15 years now my D.O.B is 27-6-1997, i want to know about audition in mumbai please inform about audition my contact number 9819813120, 9869437265.

  • Raj Gohil

    prasant sir i want to join this turnament i have also playied suprado cup. i m the goal keeper i m at present 17 my contect no: is 9624595747 must reply sir…. footbal is my dream n my passion to….:-)


    i want know about audition in lucknow please inform about audition my contact number 7376881573

  • sohail

    hello sir, i mohammed sohail aged under 15 yrs so how can i participate in airtel rising star completition, plz reply urgently

  • Satish Sridhar

    Hi SIr,
    I am 18 years old, i am a lover of football, i am interested in participating the airtel rising star team, please help my contact no is 9900091796

  • nikhil

    i m 13 years can i also join

  • Young footballer

    The App fails miserably when pop up blocker is enabled and all the data seems to be lost, making the user to reenter the data again. This not only causes duplicate entries ..but also denies interested candidates to register for their interested regions…breaking young football enthusiasts hearts :(

  • mayank tripathi

    heloo sir,,,

    i want to know the date of chandigarh audition soo pls sir inform me before its star
    my contact no 9039063102 or 9098663102

    my name is mayank tripathi from indore

    thank u sir




      MY PHONE NUMBER IS 9739958477

  • nihad .k.p

    where is the registration form

  • alex

    i want to join it

  • Manas Kumar Garimella

    sir………. please conduct for under 22 also then we will definately reach ur hopes…………

  • muneer mon

    sir.iam muneer my date of birth is 1996 cani participate in this raising star

  • Vikram Dhiman

    Hi, and thank you for this wonderful appreciation about the design and whole process.

    as i designed created the whole process.

    • Vikram Dhiman

      please delete this post….

  • Vikram Dhiman

    Thanks Prashant for such a detailed review, giving a wonderful insight of the App.
    I feel great to to work with such an amazing team of professionals. it was a simple thought behind the design userflow – “a kid journey from his backyard stadium to old trafford.”

    • Prasant Naidu

      kuddos for doing this :)

  • Sanjeev Verma

    Hi Prashant, I thank and appreciate your efforts in reviewing Airtel Rising Star FB App…This is nothing less, but a textual walk-through of the App…To me, it was an experience working for such an event, doing animation and visual effects, being part of a wonderful team of professionals :)

    • Prasant Naidu

      good work and we did our job :) one of my fav app of this year

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