Airtel’s 4G Girl Is Back With A New Slogan #SwitchToMyPlan

Sasha Chhetri in Airtel’s new postpaid campaign urges customers to ‘Waste Nothing’ and make the most of their mobile expenditure with MyPlan

Why waste when you can choose anything. Airtel India, the country’s largest telecom carrier has recently rolled out a new marketing campaign keeping in mind the above-mentioned theme. To execute the new communication the telecom operator has once again trusted Sasha Chhetri, the Airtel 4G Girl.

In this latest campaign Sasha is telling customers to stop wasting the benefits that come with traditional postpaid mobile plans and move to Airtel MyPlan to get the best value for their monthly mobile spends.

According to Airtel the new campaign is based on a simple consumer insight: a lot of postpaid mobile users end up with plan benefits that they never fully utilize and end up wasting these benefits month on month.

With traditional postpaid plans offering pre-defined voice, data and SMS benefits, customers end up wasting some of these benefits, as their actual requirements may be very different. Airtel MyPlan is designed to simplify the postpaid customer experience and offers them the flexibility to create their own plans.

For instance, if a Delhi customer is primarily using mobile apps like WhatsApp or Hike for texting, and has hundreds of free SMS in the plan, then he can get an option of trading the free 200 SMS of the existing plan for 90 local minutes or 120 MB 4G/3G data.

Similarly, heavy data users that have too many free calls in the plan can get an option for trading the extra 450 Local minutes of their plan for 600 MB 4G/3G data through the MyPlan service.

To spread the benefits of MyPlan, Airtel has rolled out a 23-second TVC with Sasha driving the communications with the help of a slogan. The Airtel 4G Challenge girl who had earlier kept the Internet busy, is now being shown as a rebellious character, chanting slogans to stop wasting and switching to MyPlan. The video is now close to a million views on YouTube.

On social media (Facebook and Twitter) the company has been busy sharing some interesting visuals and Gif’s. The creative visuals explain the benefits as well as amplify the brand’s communication.

For Airtel, Sasha Chhetri’s association with 4G has turned much like bread and butter, after she became a social media rage. The latest association has been executed well, where the brand has tried playing with the growing sentiments of present times. However, not overdoing it, the campaign does the job of getting the message across wittily.

Looks like Sasha has grown to be the lucky charm for the operator in India.