Airtel Launches Hfz Contest For Facebook Fans

Airtel Launches Hfz Contest for Facebook Fans

Airtel has been known for making catchy tunes in ads for Indians. ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’ is an addition to the list. The jingle has caught up with youngsters as Airtel has brought the emotion of friendship very well as you can see in this clip of the ad.

[youtube MHvoznAu1x4 400 300]


However Airtel has gone one step further and has made it interesting by launching a contest for its Facebook fans. Airtel is asking you to share some of the interesting friend types that you have and if you are lucky enough, you could be on your way to Vegas all because of your friends. Like the Airtel Facebook fan page if you haven’t and click on the Start Now button as shown in the screen shot.

The Airtel Contest


You will be taken to a site where you have to log into the contest via your Facebook credentials. Once you have been authenticated, you land up into a beautiful screen that pulls up your Facebook friends.

Add Friends


Search them individually or select them from the pictorial list and tag them with a name that you like to associate them to. For e.g. I have a childhood friend and I tagged him with a name of ‘chuddi buddy’. So either you can create your unique list or select from the pre-defined tags. But if you really want to win the Las Vegas trip then make sure that you create unique tags.

Tag Your Friends


Finally when you are done with tagging of a friend, select a picture of yours and click on the Finish button. You will see a small dashboard that will help you either to tag more friends or like it or you can publish on the Facebook wall of your friend whom you have tagged. With this features, View Leaderboard is a tally board that gives you a snapshot of India’s leading 10 friend types.

The Dashboard


The contest with its bumper prize of a trip to Las Vegas has a daily lucky winner too. The daily winner is the one who tags the most number of friends in a day and gets a Samsung Galaxy Ace. For e.g. Dheen Dayalan is one of the recent lucky winner who tagged his 523 friends.

First a likeable and catchy ad, then a social media driven contest that carries the inline theme of friendship is a great way of engaging. The contest is simple yet creative and is pulling a lot of fans and I am also one of them. So what are you waiting for, have a friend whom you want to tag as the ‘dramebaaz‘ or ‘nautanki‘ or ‘panoti‘ etc. then go ahead tag, be creative and try your luck.