Airtel Gearing Up It’s Social Media Activity For 2012 Indian Grand Prix

An article how Airtel is gearing up it's Social Media Activity for 2012 Indian Grand Prix

Airtel Formula1 Facebook page

Airtel Formula1, the destination Facebook page for Formula1 enthusiasts is gearing up the engagement for 2012 Airtel India Grand Prix. Besides Facebook, the page makes a presence on Twitter and Pinterest too.

2011 was a dream come true for Indian Formula1 enthusiasts as the Grand Prix was held in India for the first time. Along with fans brands also grabbed the opportunity with both hands and marketing was in full swing. Social media was one of the channels that was used extensively along with other channels. ((Slideshare explains more in detail)) During that time, Airtel India, one of the ardent supporters of the game, in fact supporter of most of the games in India, started a dedicated social media presence for F1.

Airtel Formula1 Facebook page:

The page definitely has grown from their first post, back in September last year with a fan count more than 300K fans. If we see the below screen grab provided by Unmetric, the fan growth has majorly grown from February onwards and has scaled more in the month of June. Accordingly, “Fans talking about” number has also grown from the month of June as seen below:

airtel formula1 facebook fan data

The credit for the growth has been majorly for two reasons:

1. Exclusive content aligned to the objective of spreading awareness for Formula1

2. And some timely interesting contests that has kept fans glued to the page.

Content has been top notch and the page is a circuit of posts related to Airtel Formula1, Telecom Services, General Happenings, etc. The trend that has been observed in the last 7 months is that the page drives maximum engagement when it posts content about Airtel Formula1.  Like wise when the page is posting content related to telecom services, the engagement rate hasn’t been that great.

airtel formula 1 engagement

In addition to the above data, the brand posted different types of content under the category of Airtel Formula1. The various types of content focused on Contests, Questions, Events, Brand News, etc. as shown in the below screen grab.

Airtel Formula 1 facebook engagement

The content that has got maximum appreciation from fans is from the type ‘Others.’  The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the content that were posted by the page under the type ‘Others’.

airtel formula f1 posts

Along with content, the page had some interesting contests to engage fans and one such contest was ‘Be a race marshal’. The contest got some good response in one of the recent posts too.

airtel formula1 facebook posts

Twitter & Pinterest presence:

Airtel Formula1 has created its presence on Twitter and Pinterest too. The Twitter page has managed to grab only 130 followers and it hasn’t been that great when compared to Facebook. The Twitter page is filled with tweets and retweets related to F1. However the content hasn’t picked up that much and one of the reasons could be that Facebook is fulfilling the needs of Twitter. The Facebook page already is talking and spreading all information about F1 as a game. Hopefully with the game nearing soon, I think Twitter would be used more effectively as we have seen brands doing it on Twitter.

The Pinterest page that has been created is interesting and could gain more attraction in the coming days. The Facebook page has displayed the Pinterest boards and the brand has put up 46 boards which have more than 400 pins. The Pinterest page has a fan following of more than 70 followers. The boards  have some creative facets of Formula1. Some of the boards go by the names such as F1 Tech, F1 Flashback, F1 Glamour, F1 Legends, etc.

Airtel Formula1 Pinterest

Airtel today is not just a telecom brand but has been an ardent supporter of sports. It has recently supported Indian football where it is giving a chance to U-16 kids to get trained in Old Trafford. Similarly the support for Formula1 and creating a presence on social media will not only interest ardent fans but can influence young lads to take up the sport seriously.

I like the way Airtel Formula1 is creating presence especially on Facebook and appreciate the move of creating a presence on Pinterest too. Formula1 fans, do you find it interesting?