That Airtel 4G Girl Makes A Comeback But She Is Not Confident Of Her 4G Network

The Airtel 4G girl has been stamped into our memories with the memes and jokes on her. She is now on a holiday break from all that, yet she shows us how Airtel 4G has the widest network

The Airtel 4G girl has earned so much brand recall that it would be foolish for the telecom carrier to let it go just like that. Airtel had rolled out high speed 4G services in 296 towns last year, with a massive marketing campaign featuring this girl who went about challenging people to do data related tasks faster than her.

Her 4G network was so fast, she could download movies in minutes! In fact, the challenge was so bold, Airtel promised to pay all your mobile bills for the rest of your life if your existing network was faster than Airtel 4G. The ads were bombarded on television screens so much that she became an internet phenomenon.

Memes on the Airtel 4G girl, jokes on the Airtel 4G girl, even multiple fake Twitter accounts for the Airtel 4G girl sprouted up with funny tweets. She was trolled so much that leveraging pageviews with anything to do with the Airtel 4G girl had become the norm, case in point: ‘10 pics of Airtel 4G girl so hot and sexy that you’ll stop trolling her’.

The internet had found its muse, the girl became a household name and Airtel got associated with 4G!

So, this time, the massive cricket season time ICC World Twenty20, the creative folks have banked on the Airtel girl for their new campaign to demonstrate that Airtel 4G is the widest network. And, there’s a very clever twist: this time she isn’t challenging people, but is absolutely fed up with Airtel 4G and all the noise she helped create for Airtel 4G!

In this ad, she is on a trip to Mashroba in Shimla with her friends, amongst the yaks, the locals and all the snow. One of them is amazed at how silent it is up there, when another comments that it is because ‘yeh 4G silent hai’ pointing to the Airtel girl. She admits she is guilty of cooking up peoples’ brains and stands up to make an announcement on top of the hill: she says she’s on a holiday and there’s no way there will be 4G up here.

No sooner does she say it, the locals get to watch the cricket matches on an Airtel 4G network, leaving her as well as us in a state of shock!

Airtel’s second unbelievable ad is set at Umiam lake in Shillong, where her friends are telling the locals how she is famous on TV. They are all busy eating and chatting away, when she admits that all that was too over and she is happy to take a break now. a break from 4G, a break from public and a break for her own sanity. Just then, they are interrupted by a video starting to play on a smartphone held by the local girl.

Conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu, the ads were aired during the start of the T20 at the India vs. New Zealand match. Since then, it’s been making some waves on social media, but has not yet triggered new memes. Airtel must be desperately hoping it does though; her virality did indeed work in the brand’s favour.

The Airtel girl may not click a second time, but what the heck, the brand has taken a calculated risk with these new ads featuring her for the very fame she earned for the network carrier. The association of Airtel with 4G had turned much like bread and butter, after she became a rage. These new ads with their clever twists are a nod to all the memes, jokes, listicles on The Airtel Girl.

But 4G in such remote and high altitude places is too tall a claim for any network provider. There will be memes soon.. be warned!