How Look Who’s Talking & Isobar spread awareness on International Tiger Day for Aircel #SaveOurTigers initiative

Case study by Look Who's Talking & Isobar on using influencers to sensitize digital audiences about the plight of tigers, submitted under the category: 'Best Influencer Marketing' for LI Digital Awards 2017


The Client

Aircel - It is India’s fifth largest and fastest growing GSM mobile service provider with a subscriber base of 65.1 million, providing its presence across 23 circles. The company offers voice & data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G and 3G services, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), Long Term Evolution (LTE) to Value-Added-Services (VAS). Apart from being the extensive service provider, Aircel launched its #SaveOurTigers campaign to raise awareness regarding the state of royal cats in the country, and consequently raised the population of tigers from 1411 (2006) to nearly 2226 in (2016).

The Agencies

Look Who’s Talking - We are in the business of Digital PR and related services to brands and agencies across India with a bag of prominent influencers on all the eminent digital platforms such as Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. We believe in doing creative brand advocacy by and for mobile’s first generation.

ISOBAR - Isobar is 5,500 people in over 85 locations across more than 45 markets globally, united by belief in the power of “Ideas Without Limits.” As digital technology continues to transform businesses and brands, what we can do has no boundaries. 
We take up new challenges with an open mind about the structure, team, technology and creative solution necessary to deliver the best possible outcome for clients.

Problem Statement

The decreasing number of Tigers is a matter of national concern, therefore Aircel proceeded with this matter, in their hands and took a step forward to raise awareness about the plight of Tigers, to digital audience.

Identified Objectives

  • To maximize the buzz around the #SaveOurTigers campaign
  • To get people to participate in it, to spread awareness about tiger conservation on International Tiger’s Day


To reach out to the maximum population, we along with Aircel took a strategic approach to reach out to the digital audience, which was quite different from their earlier approaches. We associated with top influencers from the category of Travel, Wildlife, Photography and Social Media to become a part of this campaign and raise their hands to save our royal cats.

Therefore, to gain the maximum positive development, we divided the campaign into 3 parts:

Associated with 5 celebrity influencers to drive engagement
Celebrity influencers promoted the message and conveyed it to a wide audience on Facebook and Twitter. The associated celebrities are famous photographers and top social influencers -
-Sudhir Shivram (12 lakh FB followers)
-Gulzar Sethi (7.5 lakh FB followers)
-Abhishek Asthana (3.21 lakh Twitter followers)
-Apoorv Sood (1.13 lakh Twitter followers)
-Neeraj Badhwar (71 thousand Twitter followers)

Aircel saveourtigers influencer posts

A Twitter Influencer Activity was held to create the required Buzz
The activity was initiated with 400 influencers to create the buzz.

Associated with Influencers to drive traffic on brand’s microsite
In order to drive traffic on brand’s microsite, we associated with appx. 650 influencers to visit the microsite; they used and shared their tagged images as cover on Facebook and Twitter.


We received good engagement rate on Facebook and Twitter from our celebrity influencers.

  • Facebook

- Total no. of posts: 4
- Total Engagement: 25,133
- Total Unique: 04 Million
- Total Impressions: 4 Million

  • Twitter

- Total no. of tweets: 6
- Engagement: 165
- Unique Reach: 5.4 Lakh
- Impressions: 1.08 Million

The social influencers created the required buzz and ensured a total participation from 5123 people delivering 17 Million Unique Reach and 77.8 Million Impressions on Twitter. The campaign also trended nationally.


A huge mass resonated and associated themselves with this campaign, and this was observed through the responses we received. Hence, Aircel made a difference and did their bit to raise the population of tigers along with the influencers and their followers.