Aircel India Bloggers Contest Fails To Impress

An article on how and why Aircel India Bloggers Contest Fails To Impress

Blogs can make people talk about your product online. Believing this, we have seen numerous brands including blogging into their social media armory. The latest one to do so is Aircel India, which has recently launched a new promotional campaign -“Unlimited 3G now at Rs 8”. To fuel this campaign, Aircel has also started a blogging contest, which is active all along in the month of May 2012.

To reach out to fans, Aircel India had been running Facebook ads for this blogging contest. On click, the ad leads to a microsite – Keepbelieving that is hosting the contest. The contest, which is providing bloggers an incentive to win a brand new HTC smart phone, is a no brainer one. As a contestant, you need to write a blog post on what would you do with unlimited 3G and how Aircel’s new 3G plans would help you. Once you have your blog post ready, you need to provide the link with little additional information about yourself. The contest site has created two hyperlinks – “How To participate” and “Terms & Conditions.” Make sure you give a read to both the documents before submitting your contest.

Aircel India Bloggers Contest
Aircel India Bloggers Contest

Is the blogging contest cool?

At our end we have reviewed some really exciting blogging contests that are driving tremendous engagement and helping the brand to gain a lot of positive word of mouth too. Vodafone, Castrol, Society Tea, etc. are some of the good examples of brands that are doing so. But I am really disappointed in the way the blogging contest has been executed by Aircel India for the following reasons:

1. The contest is about Aircel 3G plans and what would a fan do with unlimited 3G but the contest page has no relevant information about Aircel 3G. Isn’t it necessary for you to explain to the fan or provide a link where she can get more knowledge on the plans? I hope the brand is not expecting the fan to do all the hard work.

2. The contest could have integrated the contest page with social media networks. For example if it would have been integrated with Facebook then it could have reached out to more people and helped spread the word. Presently, it has a “Like” button which doesn’t help much.

3. It is often seen that brands fail to manage blogs so when they wish to run a blogging contest, they often tie up with blogging forums. Of late we had seen many brands doing the same with Indiblogger, the popular Indian blogger community. Aircel could have done something like this which would have definitely gained many eyeballs from active bloggers.

4. When a brand runs a blogging contest, it really looks cheap when it is pushing bloggers to blog about its product. Some time back Mahindra did a blogging contest to launch it’s brand new XUV500 model but it didn’t ask bloggers to blog about the new model instead it invited bloggers share an incredible experience they had while on a holiday or a road trip. Aircel could have asked bloggers to blog about the enchanting memories they have with the slow Internet facility they had till day. I think this could have been a better campaign. Seems like the digital or the social media team didn’t do much of brainstorming.

I am not sure if the HTC incentive will provide enough motivation to blog about Aircel India’s new 3G plans but for me it is too much of an ask. Hopefully, Aircel India can give a better try to blogger engagement the next time around.