AIIMS Planning To Look For Organ Donors Via Facebook

An article on why AIIMS is planning to look for organ donors via facebook

Along with all the criticism piling against Facebook, one can’t disagree that it has also been used effectively for social causes and the latest news that AIIMS is considering to use it for is encouraging. According to the Times Of India, the country’s premiere medical institute AIIMS plans to take the help of the country’s most popular social network site, Facebook. The objective of AIIMS is to create awareness among people and at the same time encourage netizens to come forward for voluntary organ donations.

It is encouraging to see that AIIMS is mulling over opening up itself on Facebook . However one may find it really coincident that even Facebook had recently added “Organ Donor Status” to the list of life events in a user profile. That means as a Facebook user, you can share a story when you became an organ donor and if you want you can officially register in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Netherlands. For more details, you can always click on the extensive Facebook help page or just check out the video shared below:

Facebook has introduced this feature in the timeline which you can select with whom you want to share Besides, this can help the citizens of US who are suffering because there aren’t enough organ donors. The situation is miserable in India too and according to TOI since 1972, only 20,000-odd kidney transplants have been performed and there has been only 30-odd transplants after 1994.

Definitely the move seems to be encouraging but AIIMS should not be present on Facebook only for awareness, as we have seen government agencies doing the same. No one wants to see a fan page filled with only links. The idea should be about spreading the awareness about how important it is and also trying to remove taboos from the general society regarding organ donations. Along with this, it would be really great if AIIMS gets in touch with Facebook India to introduce the organ donor campaign in India. It will really help AIIMS if it could register itself on Facebook as one of the registering bodies. This would prove vital for people who would not love to talk on Facebook about such things but directly get in touch with the agency since it is on Facebook.

We wish that initiatives like these are more seriously undertaken and I think that if Facebook India comes forward to support such initiatives then it would be really great for both the parties.

What do you think about the AIIMS move and do you think it would help connect to people on issues related to organ donation?