AICC Ropes In Shashi Tharoor To Lead The Fight On Social Media. But Isn’t That Too Late?

AICC plans to rope in Twitter influentials like Shashi Tharoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Shabana Azmi and other techno savvy leaders to spread its message.


Did you know that the 128 year old political party - All India Congress Committee (AICC) and the social network of Google – Google Plus have a common ground. Any guesses?

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It’s the frequency in which both release updates or initiatives. Google Plus - which is still trying to prove that it is the second largest social network - releases new features like once a year. Similar has been the response of AICC for social media. After being severely thrashed on social media by different sections, AICC has shown interest in social media but with a lenient approach.

Beginning with a never ending love-hate relationship with social media, the first initiative that AICC took was to propose a required budget of Rs. 100 crore during the next 18 months i.e. till the Lok Sabha elections to counter its main opponent BJP on the social media field. Later we heard that a 35 member team has been formed to counter the social media strategies of its opposition. In addition to all this, now AICC plans to rope in Twitter influentials like Shashi Tharoor, Shahrukh Khan, Shabana Azmi and other techno savvy leaders to spread its message.

The idea is to have these eminent personalities, who have a great presence on social media, drive the AICC party’s message. These would not only deal countering negative sentiments but also disseminate information about the party’s stand on trending issues and also the accomplishments of the party. In other words, the party plans to rope in people who would act as brand advocates for AICC on social media.

A strategy that I had shared while the government was going all guns to block social media during the North East tensions. Nevertheless, the move is a smart one but should have been implemented a year back. Implementing it now is nothing more than a life saving measure when Narendra Modi and team have already excelled on this front. Not that I am sceptic about the Government’s behaviour on social media but till day all the measures that I have seen being taken up are only to counter the opposition. I haven’t seen a single initiative where it has launched an initiate on social media to create a bond or a relationship with the common man.

Interestingly, the latest development has two very confusing facts. One that AICC is planning to rope the same Shashi Tharoor who was at the receiving end from senior party colleagues over his controversial tweet that spoke about “cattle class.” And second, its plan to also rope in Shahrukh Khan may also fall flat since the Bollywood star has decided to hang his boots on social media as he can’t take the brick bats.

For now this is a called for move but isn’t it a too late in the day?