Aegon Religare’s Humorous Video Series Could Do Better On Social Media

Aegon Religare's digital campaign features stand up comedian Atul Khatri in a series of 4 films, where the funny guy 's dark humour pokes fun at our belief that we are immortal

The country has seen a bunch of life insurance ads since the beginning of this year. While a few are resorting to humour and real life stories to get their point across, others are urging you to look at their plans not from the point of view of investment but as a measure to protect your precious life.

Ironically, all the life insurance ad campaigns are running extensively during financial year end as Indians go looking for tax saving investment options. Read also “5 Interesting Ad Films From Insurance Brands That You Should Not Miss”.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Aegon Religare Life Insurance, the joint venture between AEGON, Religare and Bennett, Coleman & company. The brand has teamed up with Atul Khatri, a popular stand-up comedian to tell us that we are not immortal and that we need to be covered in a humourous, non-preachy manner.

The Immortals of India

In a digital campaign conceptualised by Infectious, we see a cool and calm Atul in seemingly fatal situations offer a satirical take on people who think they are immortal. A series of four video films called the ‘Immortals of India’ see him doing scary stunts with such nonchalance that is worthy only of an immortal being.

In this 1.23 minute video titled ‘Fuse Off’, Atul truly believes he will survive the fixing of a short-circuited fuse with his bare hands. And right while you are gritting your teeth waiting for him to die of an electrical shock, he tells you not to fear for him as #NothingWillHappen to him. He also goes on to talk about death as a nonexistent thing in India. The film ends with a product slide that says “For those who are not immortal, protect yourself with Aegon Religare iTerm Insurance Plan”


Uploaded on March 2, the video has received over 111K views till date. The video description provides information on the iTerm plan and a website link for more details.

‘Immortals of India’ has three more similar videos. In “3 powerful B’s – Baa, Biwi aur Behen”, he is seen lighting a gas stove much later after turning it on, whilst talking about the three most important women in his life – his mother, his wife and his sister.


A third video titled ‘Mad in India Insurance‘ sees him lying under a jeep which is propped up on sticks. As he goes on how nothing will happen to him, we see a boy about to kick a football at one of the sticks. In another video titled ‘Buzurg Protection’, he is seen climbing a drainage pipe to get into his locked house.

The social media pages of Aegon Religare together with the Twitter presence of Atul Khatri have been sharing the video series, using the hashtag #NothingWillHappen. In addition, the brand also hosted a blogger event where Atul captivated the audience with the most rib-tickling lines!

Stands out. Funny. Memorable

Aegon Religare’s ‘Immortals of India’ has attacked the right beliefs existing in India about death and mortality. What stands out in this video-led digital campaign is the tone adopted for brand communication. Without being preachy or emotional, the satirical films manage to make a point while also highlighting the product as the solution. In this clutter of insurance ad campaigns, this funny take by the insurance brand surely stands out.

However, social media push can be a little more with the help of user generated contests. People would love to share their own ideas on India’s weird belief system on death and immortality. Video views and conversations around #NothingWillHappen can be further boosted with the help of targeted campaigns on social media. With stand up comedian Atul Khatri already a popular figure on Twitter, the brand can initiate campaigns via him on social media . Looking forward to more creative ad campaigns by insurance brands in India with a substantial digital push.