AdRoll Saw 31% Increase In Average Spend Per Advertiser On Facebook Retargeting

According to AdRoll, advertisers continue to increase investment in Facebook retargeting, with avg spend per advertiser increasing by 31% Y-on-Y

According to a survey of 1,000 marketers from retargeting platform AdRoll, social media is by far the hottest topic in retargeting, and Facebook has been central to this trend since retargeting became possible on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) three years ago. Globally, AdRoll saw a 31% increase in average spend per advertiser (ASPA) on retargeting on Facebook.

For this report AdRoll, global leader in retargeting with over 20,000 active advertisers worldwide analyzed its retargeting campaigns data from 55,000 campaigns, which served 37 billion impressions worldwide between July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015. You can download the report from here: Facebook by the numbers 2015.

Retargeting allows advertisers to reach audiences across the web, mobile web, mobile apps, and social with targeted display advertising. It helps turn online window shoppers into buyers by bringing users back to your website to complete or make a purchase by serving relevant ads. According to AdRoll’s State of the Industry Report, over 90% of marketers think retargeting performs equal to or better than search, email, and other display campaigns.

One of the growing trend that AdRoll highlights in the report is the growing adoption of Facebook retargetting to achieve ROI by B2B players. B2B marketers are now executing successful branding and lead generation campaigns on Facebook. Content marketing has become a staple in the business to business (B2B) marketing sphere and Facebook has proven to be a great inventory source to feature new content. The report states that B2B CTRs have increased by 140%, and ASPA has increased by 60%.

Facebook’s overall positive growth across the globe and dominance on mobile is also leading investments by the industry. Last quarter, Facebook posted revenues of $4.04 billion, like always the bulk of Q2 revenue came from advertising amounting to $3.82 billion. The company said that mobile ad revenue was 76 percent of total ad revenue, which was up from 62 percent a year ago.

Mobile that is driving the user growth of Facebook – active users were 1.31 billion during Q2 2015 has provided a huge opportunity for advertisers to connect with omnichannel consumers. According to the report, cross-device retargeting is gaining adoption and increasing overall advertiser performance. When adding mobile retargeting to an AdRoll Facebook campaign, advertisers saw a 60% increase in impression reach, 64% increase in CTRs, and 36% drop in CPCs.


Additionally, with Facebook’s growing global footprint, industries have recognized the opportunity to invest in Facebook’s reach. Across the globe, there has been an impressive increase in ASPA on retargeting on Facebook, especially among B2B and retail advertisers. Globally  B2B industries are investing more than retail in ASPA; Australia is leading followed by USA.


The report also highlighted that when adding Facebook to an existing display retargeting campaign, AdRoll customers are getting a clear improvement in performance. “Specifically, our advertisers saw a 92% increase in impression reach, 9% drop in cost per thousand impressions (CPM), 27% decrease in cost per clicks (CPC), and 26% increase in click-through rates (CTR).”

Facebook is showing no slowing on user growth as well as revenues, according to latest findings by eMarketer. Global social network ad spending will reach $25.14 billion in 2015, higher than the $23.68 forecast in April. Facebook the primary reason of spends by advertisers is set to capture $16.29 billion in ad revenues worldwide, a jump of 41.8% over 2014. This year, Facebook will take 64.8% of total social network ad spending worldwide.

Facebook’s dominant growth will continue worldwide, expects eMarketer with revenue per user reaching $48.76 this year in the US, higher than the $43.43 forecast in April. Worldwide, Facebook will capture $12.76 per user this year.