Are You An #AdarshLiberal? Find Out From These 41 Hilarious Tweets

Curated list of 41 hilarious tweets on #AdarshLiberal


Today the famous comic chart of Adarsh Boy or Ideal Boy was transformed into #AdarshLiberal on Twitter. While it is not clear what instigated it but #AdarshLiberal has been trending on Twitter from the second half of the day.

According to a Right-wing, a liberal is defined as a person with a lot of hypocrisy and pseudo-intellectuality. The same sentiments are reflecting on the #AdarshLiberal trend with Twitter users sharing their hilarious take on the same.

In fact the Adarsh Liberal Twitter account shared an Adarsh Liberal poster which has been the talk on the trend with thousand plus retweets.

The liberals tried trending #AdarshSanghi - who has RSS affiliations and worships Narendra Modi. However the Twitter war between them became one-sided and looks like the liberals failed to trend #AdarshSanghi.

Here are 41 hilarious tweets from #AdarshLiberal, find out which is you - #AdarshLiberal or #AdarshSanghi: