1. Fashion Brand Buys 100 Domain Extensions, Creates Customized Site For Each: The .com extension is celebrating its 30th anniversary this week. British footwear brand Butterfly Twists, working with Fred & Farid Shanghai, purchased a boatload of these new extensions including .hiphop, .dating, .holiday, .fail, .photography, .ninja, .sexy, .cat, .cash, .gallery and many others. They then created a specialized site with a theme relating to each individual extension.

To see these individual sites, which include video ands other theme-related content, anyone can either type in butterflytwists.(choose an extension) or use the “shuffle” feature on the site that will whisk users away to individualized versions. The approach dovetails perfectly with the brand’s promise of “A Pair For Every Occassion.”

2. Burger King Is Letting a Live Chicken Determine Who Gets Chicken Fries: In an unusual marketing stunt designed to get tongues clucking, the fast-food chain and agency David are sending the bird on a national tour of select BK locations. At each of her stops, Gloria is presented with bowls of feed marked “Yes” and “No.” If she chooses to dine from the bowl marked “Yes,” Chicken Fries will be served at that restaurant, but only for one day.

#RandomGloria and #ChickenFries are the campaign hashtags, and there’s a website with a daily live stream of Gloria’s travels. Of course, it’s all being chronicled on YouTube for those who can’t catch it live.

3. The Big Sauce Debate: Red vs. Brown: Tapping into the long-standing conversation about people’s preference between ketchup and brown sauce, Red vs. Brown encourages Heinz fans to back their favourite bottle, activating debate across both the Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK and HP Sauce UK Facebook pages.

To harness the debate the brand created bespoke designs, such as bottle foam fingers and branded bunting. Content will also direct Facebook users to redvsbrown.co.uk, where they can vote for their favourite sauce in a bid to win a year’s supply.

4. Acura’s Social Strategy for March Madness Centers on 103 Memes: For March Madness, Acura is blitzing ESPN.com today and three days next week with video and banner ads—which likely cost a pretty penny—as part of the car brand’s ongoing partnership with the cable sports giant.

Acura also aims to generate organic buzz around much of the content that’s in those digital ads. The Japan-based company’s marketing team has concocted 103 pun-minded memes for Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, hoping to deliver a social media slam dunk. The campaign, dubbed “March Memeness,” pushes the Acura 2016 ILX.