Active Social Media Penetration In India Is 5%

We Are Social has released snapsot of active social media numbers and social media penetration in Asia. India has 63M active users on Facebook but still has 5% active social media penetration.

Indian government on social media

Social Media in India is still in its nascent stage. With numbers like 63M active users on the country’s largest social network – Facebook, the country still has 5% of active social media penetration. These numbers were rolled out by Singapore based We Are Social, as part of its third edition of reports detailing the uptake of social media across Asia.

We Are Social released a couple of snapshots that focused on active social network users in Asia and active social media penetration in Asia for March, 2013. The snapshots that were revealed for March, 2013 have concentrated on “active users” rather than overall number of users on social networks.

Active social network users in Asia

According to the agency, the total number of users across the top network in each of the 24 SDMW Asia nations has increased to 874M.  This also represents that more than 10M new users were added every month.


The above snapshot highlights two major data points:

1. 63M active Indian users on Facebook.

2. Social messaging apps like Line, Kakao Talk now range higher than Facebook in terms of users.

Facebook has been the leading social network in India for some time now but the numbers stated in the report don’t match with SocialBakers. According to SocialBakers, the total number of Indian users on Facebook is 61M which fails to match with 63M active Indian users on Facebook. I am sure We Are Social would want to look at this difference and update us on the same. We are assuming that the report has taken the active Mobile usage numbers.

The other fact that was highlighted in the snapshot was the user preference to messaging apps like Line in Japan and Kakao Talk in South Korea. Both the apps have grown in terms of number of users in comparison to Facebook. A trend that was well explored by Jon Russell at The Next Web.

Active social media penetration in Asia

The other snapshot of data that was shared reflected the active social media penetration around Asia. According to We are Social, the overall regional penetration remained static at 23%, in line with the overall global average.


The report highlighted that the mature markets like Brunei, Singapore and Hong Kong saw a drop in penetration as the frequency of Facebook usage begins to slow. However, in markets like India and Indonesia, the social media usage expands at an impressive growth. India though still has a 5% active social media penetration, a percentage that is well below the global average.

Infrastructure has been a road block for social media penetration in India. Government of India has been showing interest but then they have not matched the expectation. An issue that was also discussed at length during the recently held ‘The Big Tent’ conference in Delhi.