#AbMehengaaiGiregi - Content marketing is the name of the game for Flipkart’s Big Billion Days

The ecommerce player is betting a billion and more on the power of content in its digital marketing mix for The Big Billion Days or TBBD, as it is popularly known

Flipkart Big Billion Days 2017

When a nation’s economics is on a see-saw, its people fall silent, and the companies built on it have the added onus of sparking hope. One e-commerce company, a home-grown one if you may, is making a song and dance about it. And, why not?  The brand has completed a decade of existence in India marked with ups and downs in valuation, often at the edge of survival, but steering on undeterred nevertheless.

The brand is Flipkart, India’s very own unicorn founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Starting off as an online seller of books, Flipkart, now valued at $11.6 Billion, has a bigger portfolio of categories, and many milestones to celebrate, other than the festive season.

First off, the employees at Flipkart (popularly called Flipsters) have come together to create and launch a video song - ‘Flipkart For India’. Celebrating a decade of the company’s vibrant culture, it takes the viewer along an abridged journey of the made-for-India innovations.

The 2.58-minute rock song begins at Flipkart’s head office in Bangalore with a sitar playing in the background. Flipsters including leaders and founders are seen working, in discussions, and echoing the ‘For India’ theme. Employees from Flipkart’s logistics arm, eKart — the wheels that keep the company running, all the more during crucial festive season sales —  are also seen joining in the ‘For India’ chorus. The video has been uploaded on Flipkart’s Facebook and YouTube channel.

On #TheBigBillionDays 2017, the in-house band at Flipkart has a special dedication to India and all its customers. Rock on! m/

โพสต์โดย Flipkart บน 19 กันยายน 2017

They also ring in ‘The Big Billion Days’, the company’s flagship annual sale promising huge discounts, offers and deals across various categories like mobiles, electric appliances, fashion, furniture and more. The 5-day online shopping extravaganza beginning 20th to 24th September is being promoted with a 360 degree marketing campaign armed with the slogan, Ab Mehengaai Giregi.’

Flipkart has gone all out on social and digital media platforms in claiming its campaign slogan. A few weeks back, a series of films featuring its ‘kids as adults’ or kidults began doing the rounds. Eight light-hearted films starring the Flipkart kidults try to convince you, rather adorably, that inflation is not a worry anymore, now that Big Billion Days are here. It is time to revamp your home with a brand new TV, a new refrigerator and much more.

One little sardarji, one little old grannie, one little policeman and other little kidults never fail to put a smile on your face. The brand films have been conceptualized and executed by Lowe Lintas Bangalore and produced by Ramesh Deo Productions.

Exclusive bundle offer on home furnishings, only on #TheBigBillionDays! #AbMehengaaiGiregi

โพสต์โดย Flipkart บน 16 กันยายน 2017

The funny videos were complemented with a series of visuals and gifs featuring the kidults. Flipkart’s social media channels from the past few weeks are an array of content that only talks about ‘Ab Mehengaai Giregi’. With the aim to build up the momentum and engage digital audiences in every phase of the Big billion Days, the brand has rolled out relevant content. Incentivized contests which are simple and fun, along with native content was tapped to reach out to all kinds of digital audiences.

Incentivized online games

Two days prior to TBBD, the brand leveraged Facebook Live for a game of Dumb Charades in partnership with the funniest comedians - Jose Covaco, Mallika Dua, Rahul Subramanium, and Karan Talwar. In the live session, the four enacted an offer that you needed to guess correctly. Apple phones and other prizes were on offer.

Join us for #TheBigBillionHunt

โพสต์โดย Flipkart บน 18 กันยายน 2017

#BecauseOfMehengaai contest invited people to share the commonly heard reasons people give because of mehengaai.

A classic one-liner guessing game invited fans to guess mehengaai one-liners from the given visual symbols.

Guess the #MehengaaiOneLiners shown here, and stand a chance to win gift vouchers! #AbMehengaaiGiregi T&Cs: http://bit.ly/2x3vfQQ

โพสต์โดย Flipkart บน 14 กันยายน 2017

A #TheBigBillionHunt Game invited people to spot the offers and share them in the comment box both on YouTube and Facebook, along with which one they loved the most and why. Gift vouchers worth INR 20,000 were given away to the winners.

Going native

Native content is tricky business but Flipkart carried it off in elan, especially when it comes to associating with The Viral Fever, the ultimate content creators for the internet generation. TVF’s Qtiyapa series featuring a young Jeetu and his eager-to-be-young papa rolled out a Birthday Gift qtiyapa video. Jeetu had gifted his dad on his birthday and now papa wants to return the favour but, like all papas, he is worried about rising inflation.

As a solution, Papa offers to buy Jeetu a year-long supply of boxers after learning about Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale from Jeetu. The duo had a hilarious conversation for last year’s sale too.

Additionally, Geeky Ranjit, the YouTube channel by Ranjit that provides expert opinions and tech reviews on the latest smartphones and gadgets, has also partnered for Big Billion Days. In a video, Ranjit shares 15 smartphones you can pick from the TBBD sale, with 5 smartphones from each price range -low, mid and high-bugdet.

Amit Tandon, the standup comedian had rolled out a hilarious sketch of his shopping experience for a refrigerator, and his encounters with the store salesmen. The video titled, ‘Every Indian Shopping Story’ is a worthwhile watch that convinces you about the hassle-free shopping experience on Flipkart.

Flipkart & Amit Tandon presents 'Every Indian Shopping Story'. He talks about the hilarious salesmen you come across. Watch now!Tag your friends & SHARE.

โพสต์โดย Flipkart บน 6 กันยายน 2017

Engaging. Content-rich. Buzzy.

There’s much to celebrate in life when you have successfully completed ten years in a country as a home-grown ecommerce company with humble beginnings as an online book seller. Flipkart’s decade-long eventful journey owes its survival to Indian consumers who gradually adapted to online shopping and now form a large chunk of regular customers of the ecommerce company. ‘Flipkart for India’ is a nice tribute to its people as well as a smart song to pitch TBBD by Flipkart staff. In 2015, the founders had personally delivered goods during TBBD!

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days 2017 online campaign is a celebration of sorts when it comes to content marketing. #AbMehengaaiGiregi has ensured it makes all the ticks in right content creation for the internet generation, less salessy and more fun. A series of adorable films with the kidults complemented by kidult visuals kept the buzz on, through every phase of the campaign.

Simple and fun games like Dumb Charades on Facebook LIVE, one-liner guessing games and offers hunting game serve to increase engagement and boost participation with incentives. The native content created with TVF and others only add to its content-rich strategy that seeks to reach out to all kinds of audiences. Brands promoting an online event could get valuable takeaways from Flipkart’s #AbMehengaaiGiregi.