Abhishek Shah Talks About Fetise’s Social Media Engagement

Abhishek Shah Talks About Fetise's Social Media Engagement


Abhishek Shah

More than a lakh fans on Facebook by an Indian Men’s fashion brand is not child’s play. Fetise, the real fashion brand for men had recently achieved this feat. One has to appreciate Fetise’s effort, as being in the service industry satisfying each and every customer is a very big task. A small mistake and the brand’s image can be ripped off very quickly online and might also catch the viral buzz. However, Fetise  has created an engaging social media community against all these odds. Along with an amazing Facebook presence it is also making sure that its 140 characters are also not lagging behind.

This got us excited and we got in touch with Abhishek Shah, co-founder of Fetise Retail Pvt.Ltd. Abhishek was glad to answer our queries and they are as follows:


1. Hi Abhishek, first of all congrats that Fetise has a community of more than a lakh fans. Can you sum up the feeling in few words?

It feels great! It was one of the small milestones that we wanted to achieve and we are sure to have more satisfied likes in the coming months.


2. What has been the biggest learning for Fetise on Facebook as a brand?

The biggest learning is to handle customers patiently who are disappointed from the services & sometimes when they want the products much before the time that we could deliver. But we have always tried and delivered the best services for our fans & customers.

There was an instance when we had a customer who was located in Goa & had ordered a product from Fetise & because he was suppose to go out of India for longer period of time had requested us if we could deliver the product early on urgent basis that was the time when we went an extra mile by sending our office boy to Goa just to deliver the product to our customer. It added certain cost to the company but we wanted our customer to be happy & our mission was achieved. We did receive a thank you letter from the customer which gave us a feeling of satisfaction.

3. Fetise has a Twitter presence along with Facebook. So what is the kind of content and engagement that is being derived from Twitter?

Twitter has still not geared up a lot by Indian consumers but with more people having smart phones in India it is catching up. On our twitter page we not only promote our brands & deals but we also try to engage the followers by some useful tips on fashion, or posting content that they would like to read. Also small contest on twitter with #tags spread well. We did have instances where people were attaching the picture of the product they purchased from Fetise & saying that they loved it or were excited to receive the products.

4. I know that there are very few brands that maintain an updated blog but Fetise is not one of them. Why do you think a Blog is a must for brands?

Fetise intends to go beyond just e-commerce and blogging. We plan to create Fetise as a credible authority on fashion for Indian men - our team is working on launching “Fetise Manual” which will be like an online fashion encyclopedia for Indian men from dressing tips to latest fashion trends to style advice. We do plan to have an updated blog for Fetise, but want to have real good content on it to make it a natural act for the men to subscribe & have great “viewership”.  Perhaps we could say that blogs are the future of corporate public relations & so maintaining blogs are becoming necessary for the brands.

5. Amazing social media presence, one-lakh fans on Facebook. So what next and what are the challenges ahead of you on social media?

Thanks for the wishes. Well we plan to do more engaging stuff on social platforms to keep our fans happy; we plan to have more contests and fun games. Talking about challenge, as such there is no challenge, but to keep our self closer to our customers we plan to have a support tab on our face book page to solve their queries in a better & faster way.

6. Finally, any words of advice for Indian SME’s who are trying to adopt social media.

Social media is important platform for brands these days; it’s about being where your current & prospect audience is. But companies need to remember that it is not a direct ROI activity, but it actually brings in more brand visibility & goodwill for the company which in turn can lead to word of mouth publicity & eventually lead to sales.



Exclusive support on social media is an idea that is being very quickly adopted by brands and Fetise doing the same shows that they really care about their customer and the brand image. Online men’s fashion encyclopedia sounds an interesting idea but Fetise will have to work on its blog too which they have acknowledged. The road ahead for Fetsie will be interesting, as they will have to carry on with the continuous engagement and hold on fans for longer duration. It will be great to see how they fare on the next league of social media.

What else can Fetise do to keep fans coming on their Facebook wall? Do share them with us.