Abhishek Razdan On His Early Days And What Triggered The Shift From Advertising To Digital

Abhishek Razdan, EVP & Business Head at Jack in the Box Worldwide, Mumbai talks about growing up in Raipur, joining advertising and the reason to shift to digital marketing

“Sometime in 2008 we started hearing from our clients that don’t be a thirty second agency, look beyond it. Clients felt that advertising agencies were providing less strategic value to the business and solutions were more TV centric. With the emergence of digital, product advertising is moving to content and digital agencies are today the center of it,” informed Abhishek Razdan in a recent video conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Abhishek, EVP & Business Head at Jack in the Box Worldwide, Mumbai was sharing his reason to shift base to digital after spending a decade in mainline advertising.

In the first part of this video conversation with Abhishek, who holds a master’s degree in mass communications from Symbiosis, Pune, he talks about growing up in the small town of Raipur in Chattisgarh. “I am a small town boy. I come from a family of government officers - my grandmother was in the education department and my father was a sales tax officer. After my schooling, I moved to Pune for my graduation.”

He also talks about his motive behind joining advertising after his first job in public relations.“Advertising is a challenging business. The challenge is to come up with a new proposition that can engage people better and that is what keeps you going as an advertising professional.”

Further, he throws light on the shift to digital that happened after him having spent a considerable amount of his professional career in mainline advertising.