Aashiqui 2 Star Hunt On YouTube

An article on Aashiqui 2 Star Hunt On YouTube. Aashiqui 2 has good news for all the aspiring heroes and heroines to try their luck. If you have always dreamt about that one break then here it is.

I love the melodious songs of Aashiqui. Even today they remind me of my teens. Bollywood movie buffs like me would agree that the movie was not only a hit but also had great cult music. So once again after 22 years, director Mohit Suri and producer Bhushan Kumar of T-Series have come together to create the same magic. Taking the baton from the hands of the then director Mahesh Bhatt and late Gulshan Kumar, the duo are making a sequel of the movie titled Aashiqui 2. And here’s the big deal.

‘Aashiqui 2 Star Hunt’ Contest details

Aashiqui 2 has good news for all the aspiring heroes and heroines to try their luck. If you have always dreamt about that one break then here it is. Starting from the 24th of March, 2012 Vishesh Films and T-Series have launched ‘Aashiqui 2 Star Hunt’ on YouTube.

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So if you want to apply then log into their beautiful Youtube channel and upload a 2 minute video from a list of scenes and songs listed on the Aashiqui 2 channel. The uploaded videos would be screened by a Creative Jury, Producer/Director of the film and then would go for a public voting on the Aashiqui 2 channel, as shared by Google India Blog. The contest has several phases: 1) All submissions end by 17th April 2) Top 100 videos screened 3) Top 40 shortlisted videos selected by jury are up for voting on 26th April 4) Public voting ends by 7th May and 20 of them get shortlisted 5) And finally out of these 20, the jury would select one pair for the movie. Isn’t this the big break for all those who have dreamt to join Bollywood?

The Youtube brand channel is a delight to visit. Along with the Home tab, the channel features tabs such as Contest Videos, Participate, FAQ’s and Jury. The Home tab has a selection of introductory videos, Contest Videos is a section where you can see all the videos uploaded by participants and the Participate tab is from where you can upload your video. Do make sure that you read the FAQs, which will give you the details of the contest.

Aashiqui2 star hunt youtube
Aashiqui 2 Star Hunt on Youtube

Apart from the Youtube Channel, one can also follow the Google Plus page of T-Series that will be sharing all the news related to the movie. The team has also tried one of the killer features of Google Plus i.e. Hangout to create awareness and increase fan engagement. Director Mahesh Bhatt was on the Google Plus page at 11:20 AM for the hangout with his fans and if you missed out on talking to him then just click here. It is the recorded version of the hangout stored at the Youtube channel. I must say its a cool idea by the Aashiqui 2 team.

Is the idea new?

Although, it is for the first time that a pair would be selected on YouTube for an upcoming movie, the idea is definitely not new. Bollywood has walked these streets before, for scouting resources via crowdsourcing. If you can recall filmmaker Onir is a regular user of social media to crowdfund as well as crowdsource for his movies. He had raised funds for his film ‘I AM’ through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. He is sourcing actors and music composers for his next film ‘Chauranga’, a Rs. 3 crore movie and he plans to crowdfund it as well. This trend was also taken further by noted Bollywood filmmakers Vinod Chopra and Vipul Shah who had run scriptwriting contests on Talenthouse, where the winner would get a chance to intern with the respective production company.

However the move is interesting as Aashiqui 2 ties up with Google for this whole initiative and vouching its online promotions via Google Plus and Youtube. Some time back Google had also partnered with Shahrukh Khan during the time of Ra One. And this is not all, during Don2  the Google Plus engagement was executed well. Despite the fact that Google Plus has been struggling to get a foothold in the social scenario, I still believe that it can bounce back. India is important for Google Plus just for the sheer number of users it has from the country and its association with Bollywood will provide the required word of mouth.

Even though crowdsourcing has it’s own pitfalls, which we had shared some time back, it is a win-win situation for all the parties. For the movie creators not only does this initiative give them fresh faces but also allows them to cut down their budgets. For Bollywood aspirants, it is a chance to try their luck and show their talent. And the association also helps Google to reach out to the common man, not as a technology company but as a source of entertainment in India.

I am sure that there would be some more taking this route. Crowdsourcing certainly helps unearth hidden talents as well as aids producers and directors to  better budget their movies.