AAP Releases #AAPKaManifesto Today, Trends On Twitter

Arvind Kejriwal, the top man of the Aam Aadmi Party, released its manifesto for the upcoming national election today.

AAP Manifesto

AAP Manifesto

Congress party recently released its party manifesto for the 16th Lok Sabha Elections; today it was the day for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The party founded by Arvind Kejriwal, which came to power with the support of the common man has released its manifesto today.

The party manifesto that was released by Kejriwal underscored the AAP’s ongoing focus on combating corruption and decentralization of politics.

The manifesto focuses on areas such as education & health, economy, social justice, sports, culture and media among other aspects. The party has included police reforms in its agenda. Kejriwal states,

“Our government will put CCTV in police stations. We will put cameras in interrogation rooms. Anybody can ask for that footage using Right to Information.” He further added that his party would fight for the transfer of Delhi police to the state government after it faced a lot of issues with the Delhi Police, which reports to the Central Government.

Women’s security figures prominently in the manifesto but Kejriwal still stands tall for his party’s opposition for FDI in multi-brand retail.

AAP which has a prominent presence on social media has been actively promoting about the manifesto. While #AAPKaManifesto continues to trend at the top of India Twitter Trends, the party has promoted on Facebook and also organized a live streaming of the offline launch of the manifesto.

The Twitter account of AAP specially has been quite active in spreading the key aspects of the manifesto. A slide share of AAP’s key aspects covered under the manifesto would have really helped.

#AAPKaManifesto has been trending on Twitter and some of the tweets that are making the buzz are shared below:

The wait is now for BJP’s manifesto.