Aap Nahi Aaoge? YouTube Campaign For IAC

Aap Nahi Aaoge?- Youtube Campaign For IAC

Today is the day when Anna Hazare is going to finally break his fast after 13 days. As citizens of India, we are very happy to have supported the whole movement of Annaji and been associated with India Against Corruption-Pune. Such revolutions happen once in a lifetime only when the common man supports it. There is no dearth of support and stories. People are fasting, donating, coming on streets, everyone is doing their bit. Amongst all these stories, Prashant Machhar and his team at Record n Play also have a small story to tell. The young brigade has supported the India Against Corruption movement by creating a series of ads under the name of  “Aap nahi aaoge?”.  Record n Play has listed a series of videos on Youtube under their brand channel. The response has been decent and it is a commendable effort from Prashant and his team. The video that we found really interesting is also the one which is capturing lot of eye balls:

[youtube ShSQgH8ahkI 500 300]


To know more about Prashant, his team and the thoughts behind this campaign, we did an email interview for our readers which is as follows:

Prashant, tell us a bit about yourself and Record n Play.

I have done my graduation in Bachelors in Mass Media from L.S. Raheja College, Mumbai University, after which I have worked for 2 years. I started my career as an video editor and now I am into creatives of commercials and film-making. Record n Play is an initiative by 2 other friends of mine (Crispin Rozario & Rahul Handa) and me. We are primarily into Audio- Video content creation in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D. We had thought of Record n Play in the month of February. we are almost establishing ourselves and looking for office space, presently operating from Kandivali east, Mumbai.


Thanks! Helping India Against Corruption right now is a great idea. How did the idea of creating a video and spreading the message evolve?

Well, We are specialized into video campaigns, we thought of this idea as our contribution to the cause. We got the initial spark on Monday (22nd August, 2011). I observed & did a small research on the amount of people joining the IAC rallies. I figured out that the middle age group (working professionals, housewife & teenagers) were only passively involved. So I came up with 3-4 ideas and after a small brainstorming, we thought of going ahead with the ‘Aap Nahi Aaoge?’ Campaign.  The video was made in 3 working days (and sleepless nights) - flat. I was assisted by Rahul Handa & Aditya Bagadia. We are still in talks with IAC on how to leverage it at a national level.


Great. Record N Play has a YoutTube brand channel and a decent social media presence. How effective has Social Media been?
Record n Play is in it’s soft marketing stage. We are getting a very positive response with IAC ‘Aap nahi aaoge?’ ad campaign.



What else are you doing in Record N Play?
We are a very small team now. Apart from taking care of the creative decisions, I almost do everything. 🙂


Finally Prashant, any message for our readers about Anna’s movement ‘India Against Corruption’.

I think its for the first time, the government after independence is listening to the voice of the people in this way. There are some people who don’t believe and neither support Gandhigiri. Its proven now that the thought of 1940’s will make way for the contemporary thoughts, reforms and regulations. We salute Anna Hazzareji for making us believe this again. Today, we have just taken our first step in the journey of corruption free India. The movement is on and the moment is NOW! Step out of your comfort zones, join the movement and if you see someone who is yet not committed to this cause, ask them, ‘Aap Nahi Aaoge?’.


Thanks Prashant for replying our list of questions and we wish all the very best to you and your lovely team at Record n Play. Guys how do you like the “Aap Nahi Aaoge?” ad campaign, don’t you think that Record n Play deserves an applause?