Aamby Valley City Crowdsources For It’s Facebook Cover Page

An article about Aamby Valley City Crowdsourcing pictures from fans for It's Facebook Cover Page via a contest

Crowdsourcing seems to be creeping into most social media campaigns this year. And I do not see any reason why it shouldn’t do so? When the benefits of crowdsourcing scale up higher than its pitfalls, brands are certain to adopt it as soon as they can. Today, we bring you yet another refreshing story of a crowdsourcing campaign for Aamby Valley City, the picturesque township developed by the Sahara India Pariwar, in association with Brandlogist, a brand-marketing consultancy.

The Aamby Valley City Facebook page is looking out for your photographs that capture the true essence of the city. And if your picture makes the mark, then it would be displayed as the official ‘summer cover picture’ on the Aamby Valley City Facebook page for a period of two months.  But that’s not all; the winner also gets a one night couple’s stay at Aussie Chalet with meals included! So it’s time to pack your bags and take a holiday to Aamby Valley city with your keen eyes and a camera. And if Lady Luck is on your side, then you could be visiting again.

A Facebook app has been created for the contest. Do read the ‘About this contest’ page before anything else, to know the rules and details of the contest. ‘View Entries’ as the name suggests displays all the pictures that have been uploaded so far. There is a drop-down box where you can view either the recently added ones or the popular ones. You can also vote for a picture but only once a day. I voted for a picture titled ‘Its beach time’ and was delighted to see that I could share this update on my wall, invite my friends or even tweet about this.

Aamby Valley Facebook cover page contest

In order to capture the ambience …err Aamby-ience, i.e. to submit your entry, go to the tab titled ‘Submit an entry’. You have an option to upload your picture or select a picture from your Facebook photos and tag them as well. Add an interesting caption, enter your name, email id and city and click Submit. The Winners tab is currently blank as the winner will be declared on May 22. The contest is on till the 20th of May.

However, I need a clarification on the judgment method. The rules say that photos will be judged on how well the spirit of Aamby Valley is captured as well as the creativity, originality and quality of the photo. But there is also the voting factor to be considered. If the contest has to be an unbiased one, then it is better off based on creativity. A crowdsourcing contest brings along a load of accusations too, if not handled well.

How good is the campaign then?

While lingering around the Facebook page and skimming through the comments on the wall as well as the photos uploaded for the contest, I felt this contest to be a really smart one. Although, the design could be crisper and more compact, I like the app for the following reasons:

  • For starters, it helps create awareness of your product i.e. the Aamby Valley city with the help of pictures.
  • Secondly, it pushes you to visit so that you can enter the contest. That’s sales for the brand!
  • The incentives offered to the fans are quite ingenious. A night stay for a couple plus having their photograph as the brand cover page, is enough motivation for a fan to participate.
  • The sharing and commenting feature on the app. It’s so social when you give the fan an option to share with her friends, invite them and comment on other’s pictures, etc.  Although, this is a given, most often it is surprising to see brands not offer any share option.
  • Besides, it is not a ‘like’ campaign.  This makes sense as fans who have visited Aamby Valley alone can take pictures and enter the contest, so they need not explicitly ‘like’ the Facebook page!

With the gradual evolution of social media in India and a much more evolved community of fans, brands have really started to put on their thinking caps. Right from crowdsourcing for a logo, or for lead actors or creating a TVC to creating a crowdsourced song from the community itself, we are witnessing an array of campaigns applying the crowdsourcing theme. However, brands needs to be careful about copyright violations.

Personally, I look forward to such concepts and am secretly wishing to review many more campaigns this year. Brands that have been experimenting with social media are standing to reap rich benefits now. But the ones that believed in ‘wait and watch for others to take the dive and reach the shores safely’, are sadly missing out on the magic i.e. social media.

Did you like the Aamby Valley Facebook cover page contest? Is there some area they could improve upon?