Aamby Valley City, Brand Building On Social Media [Case Study]

by Prasant Naidu on June 4, 2022

in Case Studies

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Today every industry wants a bite of social media success but very few manage to achieve it. Aamby Valley City (AVC), a luxury landmark and a place for luxurious weekend outing has achieved this feat on social media. Recently, we had selected the AVC Cover Page contest as one among the Inspiring Facebook Crowdsourced Campaigns we had reviewed. AVC, which had launched itself on social media in the month of December, 2011, today stands as a social media case study to be looked upon. The entire campaign for AVC has been designed by the digital agency BrandLogist.


The challenge in front of Brandlogist was to enhance the brand equity of AVC on social media. So the objectives that were enlisted for Brandlogist were as follows:

1. To raise the relevant awareness of AVC brand in the first 6 months on social media.

2. Moving ahead of awareness to consumers demonstrating interest in the form of reservation leads after the first 6 months.

3. And positioning the AVC brand as an exclusive destination of resorts and getaway for customers.

Presence and Strategy

AVC targeted two major networks i.e. Facebook and Twitter to create content, make people aware and eventually get them talking. Some of the strategies that were executed by the agency for the brand are listed below:

1. The brand that was launched on social media in December, made sure that it got people talking about the New Year bash, Glitterati 2012. The best way to do this is to make your fans do the talking and to do so AVC launched a campaign where fans were asked to participate and in return they could be the lucky ones to be a part of the celebrations. The contest was run on both the networks and the end result - not only were the fans  happy but also Bollywood celebrities and influencers were talking about it.

aamby valley city

2. AVC is a known brand and it was a really wise decision to get hold of those loyal customers who are already your brand champions. A quick takeaway for SME’s is to find and locate your loyal customers who would do a lot of good in spreading good words about you.

3. Targeting relevant people was one of the key points in the strategy. Demographic and psychographic targeting was done to get the relevant people interested about the content and get them talking. Along with the target group, the content produced was created keeping in mind that the fans could get a feeling of the beauty and amenities of AVC.

4. Besides the Glitterati 2012, there were several other campaigns that were organized for fans on Facbook as well as Twitter. Some of them were crowdsourcing the Facebook cover page, introducing #itsromantic hashtag on Twitter to position AVC as a romantic getaway, etc.

Return On Investment

The returns were truly eye-catching since it was just not about the number of likes and followers but online conversations were converted to 600 leads via social media. So the ROI for the brand on social media is as follows:

1. Facebook page got the support of 65,000+ fans and more than 600 unique conversations per month on Twitter with customers and prospects.

2. Apart from spreading awareness, the brand received over 600 leads via social media especially from Facebook.

3. The brand also received 3,500 Facebook checkins on the brand page from the time it went live.

These are some of the major impacts that have been shared in the amazing video created by Brandlogist. The video showcases the entire campaign and is a must watch. Another quick takeaway for brands: invest in videos rather than SlideShare as the former works better and people are more keen to view it.

Do let me know your thoughts on the social media campaign designed for AVC by Brandlogist.

P.S. The article has been edited to reflect the change that more than 600 unique conversations were generated per month on Twitter.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kunalvbajaj Kunal Bajaj

    I personally loved the content they shared on Facebook. Very active community and most of all it was in touch with the offline activities. Good Case study and Great Work by Brandlogist :)

    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      indeed it is a good work and with a campaign video :) thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saurabh.parmar Saurabh Parmar

    Thanks @prasant:twitter & @facebook-1376946371:disqus .Just one correction it’s 600+ conversations/month on twitter (not total 600). We really emphasize on connecting with relevant customers on twitter so on a daily basis the conversations can go from 7-8 to even 50-60.

    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      Thanks the article has been edited to reflect the change :)

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