A Talk With ReviewGang About Reel Life Bloggers Contest

A Talk With MovieGang About Reel Life Bloggers Contest

A blogging contest always makes me go for it. No free coupons for guessing that I am passionate about blogging. Thankfully Reviewgang appreciates blogging so it has tied up with Wogma.com and organized a month long “Reel Life Bloggers Contest” from September 13-October 13. The contest is all about your love for movies and sharing it. So if you eat, drink and sleep movies and can share the story, then you may stand a chance to win goodies from Amazon/Flipkart. Sound’s interesting? Same here, being a big movie buff I got a huge list of movies that has left a mark in my life. We thought of catching up with the brain behind ReviewGang to know more about it and the whole concept behind the contest.

Following is the email interview with Manu who is paddling his boat with one hand.


Manu J

1. Manu, can you tell us about yourself and share what makes ReviewGang different from other movie review sites?

I’m a freelance web application consultant. ReviewGang has been a labor of love for me and so far it has been a one man operation. ReviewGang is primarily a movie review aggregator. When I started ReviewGang in Jan 2010, I could not find any sites which aggregated critic reviews and presented them well. “RottenTomatoes.com for Hindi Movies” was what I had in mind initially. The other motive was to expose people to critic beyond the few popular ones. Some of these critics are popular because of the resources of their publications and not because they are excellent critics. I have felt that a lot of independent bloggers write excellent reviews which remain largely unknown. I have tried to bring them in ReviewGang as “editors” so that their reviews get more widely read.

ReviewGang thus has 3 goals

a. Aggregate critic reviews and present them in a user friendly manner

b. Bring exposure to lesser known critics

c. Bring exposure to excellent independent movie critics

ReviewGang is still very small. I think the first goal has been achieved. When it grows more, the other two goals can be ticked off .

2. Reel Life Bloggers, a contest that you are running at present is exciting. Can you share the objective of ReviewGang for this contest?

I hope everyone finds it exciting! The contest is run jointly by reviewgang.com and wogma.com. Our primary objective is to raise awareness of our brands. We also hope that the contest will help us connect with movie lovers around the world.

3. Today we find that all contests are on Facebook, there’s hardly any scope for bloggers. But you’ve turned the tables! Any particular reason?

Both ReviewGang and Wogma are sites that focus on reviews. So the “written word” is quite dear to us. Facebook contests usually come across as Q&A with multiple choice answers… It does not require you to do much. We are hoping that this contest will spur dormant movie bloggers to dust off their blogs and open their heart about movies they love. It’s an absolute pleasure to read a well written essay/review. No facebook contest can match that.

4. ReviewGang has an amazing social media presence. Is it managed in-house or by a SM agency? Can you share your learning’s as a brand on Facebook.

It is managed solely by me. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to marketing. So far I have been guided by only one question “How would I like to be marketed to if I was the customer”.  That has served me quite well I think. I still don’t understand Facebook much but in Twitter, if you are “real” people will like you. Reputations of brands get made (eg: @flipkart) and decimated (@fashionandyou) on twitter. Be real and be responsive and above all provide a good product/service. That is how you can win over people on twitter. When in doubt check what @flipkart does because they are doing everything right.

5. Finally, any word of advice you would love to give to startups and SME’s.

If yours is a consumer product/service, focus on the user experience. Sweat the details. Most Indian sites have a cluttered feel. A neat and minimal design will help you to stand apart from your competitors (cleartrip vs makemytrip for example).


Thanks Manu for taking the time to talk to us. It really feels great that you believe in the power of ‘blogs’ and I am with you that no social network can match it. Good luck ReviewGang! And guys what are you waiting for? Scratch your head and let the creative juices flow;) For more information about the contest, check here and do come back and give a shout if you are the winner.