A Facebook Post Resolved A Four Year Old Issue Of Nine Economically Poor Families From Madurai

Arunkumar, a student from Madurai posted his families plights on the Facebook page of the Madurai district collector Anshul Mishra and to his surprise the matter which has been put on hold for last four years.

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Social media has been beneficial to the common man in more ways than one. With social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. the common man has become a publisher and is challenging  the status quo of the nation and the people responsible to run it.

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In a story published at TNN, a student from Madurai has resolved a 4-year old pending matter for his family with the help of Facebook. S Arunkumar, the student posted his family’s plight on the Facebook page of the Madurai district collector Anshul Mishra. To Arunkumar’s surprise, the collector took notice of his post and the matter was resolved in an hour’s time.

“Since I have a Facebook account, I tried my luck. To my surprise, I got the reply immediately. Subsequently, the work was done,” added Arunkumar.

Arunkumar is the grandson of Neelamegam, a resident of Panaiyur village and the representative of nine families. Neelamegam narrated nine economically poor families, which had been running from pillar-to-post, including bribing officials, to get house Pattas in a hamlet 10 km from Madurai.

A House Patta is basically a revenue record. It is an extract issued from the Register of Land holdings, maintained usually at the office of the Tahsildar and is issued in the name of the person or persons, in whose name the records relating to the holdings are maintained.

In order to get the Pattas, the families had even offered a bribe of Rs. 10,000 to a junior assistant. But, nothing changed and the officer asked for Rs. 25,000 more which was refused as the families could not afford it.

Finally, Arunkumar came to the rescue of the dejected and hopeless villagers. He posted on the collectors Facebook page on Sunday around eight in the morning with all the details. By five on the same day, the collector’s Facebook account responded that necessary action would be taken and a number was provided for further contact.

The collector’s Facebook page has more than 17K fans. He is connecting with fans and addressing their problems too. The page has a huge list of grievances from people who want to see Madurai a better place and Anshul Mishra is doing a great job.