A Facebook Group Set Up To Save Pali After It Is Removed By The UPSC As A Main Examination Subject

Siddharth Singh, associate professor, Pali and Buddhist studies at BHU has filed a petition to Dr. Manmohan Singh, to protest against the removal of Pali by UPSC from the subject list of the main examination


Amidst all controversies and accusations, Facebook will continue its way ahead in empowering the common man. A recent Facebook group ‘Save Pali and Buddhist Studies in India’, an initiative by Siddharth Singh, Associate Professor, Pali and Buddhist studies at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), hopes to save Pali from extinction.


Recently, the Indian government decided to remove the ancient classical language of India as a subject from the main examination of the Civil Services examination of India conducted by UPSC (Union Public service Commission). Besides, Pali, which is said to be the dialect of the Buddha’s own teachings contained in Tipitaka, has also been removed from the list of classical languages of India.

Singh has raised his voice in an online petition addressed to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to mount pressure on the government to withdraw its decision. The goal is to garner a thousand signatures and the petition has already reached nearly a quarter of its goal, with signatures coming from all parts of the world including India.

The Facebook group is being used to create awareness and drive the signature campaign. The group which is an open one, has 773 members at the moment. Singh has been actively promoting the group among those who feel a need to preserve the ancient language of India, that has played a vital role in the propagation of Buddha’s teachings.

Image source: Brown University Library