A Cute Facebook Contest: Pears First Masoom Moments

A review of the Pears First Masoom Moments Facebook Contest

Someone rightly said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.  We all love to flaunt our pictures, be it the proud owner of a Royal Enfield showing his favourite possession, or a picture of your breakfast fiasco or the young mother displaying her newborn’s pictures.  And what better tool than Facebook to flaunt them. Cashing in on this emotion is Pears, the glycerine soap from Hindustan Unilever, with its ‘First Masoom Moments’ contest on Facebook. The contest invites you to share your baby’s first moments and you could win gift hampers from the brand.

Pears First Masoom Moments Facebook contest

The Pears First Masoom Moments is captured through an adorable Facebook app.  You are guaranteed to fall in love with it, even if you are not a parent. Though you need to ‘like’ the page before you unlock the app, I guess that’s fine as long as the brand wants to increase their fan count with the right community or target group in marketing lingo. The app also requests for your permission to post on your wall. I was delighted as I could  proceed despite disallowing the app to post on my behalf.


After clicking on Enter, you have a page that asks your baby’s name and shows a list of the touching moments e.g. First Toothless Smile, First birthday, First Fun Bathing Experience, etc. After you select any of it, you are taken to another screen with three beautiful layout designs. Select any one by clicking on the picture upload area and you are taken to a new page where you can put your pictures. There is an option to select pictures from your Facebook album or you could upload pictures from your system.

Once all this is done, the app builds up the final picture with the photos and the caption upon a cute background. In addition, there are many cute accessories that you can drag and resize around your picture, which is so cool! Finally, you click ‘Save’ and then the app has ‘Publish to wall’ or ‘Skip’, which is cool again. I skipped and was taken back to the Masoom Pears Facebook wall.

Masoom moment shared by a fan
Masoom moment shared by a fan

Although the winners have been announced, there is an update on the wall saying that the contest is still on. Also, I couldn’t see any last date mentioned in the Terms & Conditions page.

An adorable app for the fans?

Yes! Indeed it is an adorable one especially for parents. In this age of social networking sites, Facebook is the top choice for Indians, primarily as everybody you know is on it and also because we love to share pictures. Moreover, the app is simple, appealing and downright cute! I loved the whole concept and execution apart from its adherence to the Facebook app guidelines. Besides this, the contest wins a second time as studies have shown more women to be active users than men. And if you go by the likes, comments and number of fans participating, you see an active community and excellent engagement by the brand here. The ‘like’ contest works to build your fan count while keeping a check on the quality of the fans too.

I am certain that this campaign has been launched after a massive brainstorming session. More brands can learn from this and hopefully, I do not have to review apps for missing Terms & Conditions, confusing instructions, poor layout and what have you!

Did you like the ‘Pears First Masoom Moments’ contest? Is there something I’ve missed out here?