A Curated List Of 5 Indian Social Media Articles

by Prasant Naidu on August 12, 2021

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Stories of Mayank Sharma, who is featured on Facebook Stories and Alok Kejriwal’s dream to make “Autobiography of a Yogi” popular via social media, makes you believe that the real powers of social media erupt when it is used effectively. But then we had to share a story which is the growing trend in the Indian social media space also - the story of ethics and greed. We are sure that we will have more such stories in the future when a medium is evolving so quickly every day.

Like most of the times, this week also we were fortunate to come across some interesting stories which we thought of sharing with you:

1. Dear Entrepreneurs: It’s Your Facebook Profile, Not Your Startups: Is your Facebook profile filled with interesting updates about you or is it auto spammed with updates about your startup. A growing trend that Harsh Snehanshu blogged about on Pluggd.in. An interesting post to read and think if your friends would be happy if the page turns into a bulletin board of your company? The need of the hour is to draw a line and have your social space be a mixture of various activities associated to your life. Sometimes even I am guilty of this trend but thanks to the author for reminding me!

2. #TomatoGate: How Twitter Got A Restaurant To Change Their Business Practices: Customer is king and most brands don’t realize it but then the reality is also that 140 characters can change the notion. Burgs, Mumbai is a gourmet burger restaurant where our blogger Samit Malkani had visited with his wife and a friend. Samit who is allergic to raw tomatoes was told by the staff that according to company policies they can’t remove tomato slices. Samit left the place only to make sure that he shared this rude attitude of Burgs on his blog, Twitter and Food review sites which led to the birth of #TomatoGate on Twitter. Eventually, Burgs changed its policy but without compromising on its attitude. I am sure pretty soon we will have #TomatoGateReturns if the company shares such tweets,

3. How About Banks On Facebook: Another trend that is catching up amongst Indian banks since we are already witnessing banks like ICICI, IDBI, etc. using social media effectively. The post that was published in Hindu discusses about why Indian banks should not miss out on the opportunity and it also lists the challenges that are out there for a bank. The author also highlights that defining the objectives and a clear cut strategy is very crucial to taste success on Facebook. Banks should brainstorm for ideas and think of what would they miss out if they don’t be a part of social media.

4. Digg Gets Buried: The Rise and Fall of a Social Network: At one point of time, a network which was the reason to bring down servers and was estimated to have $9 Million in revenues in 2008 was recently sold to BetaWorks for a measly $500K. Aditya Kulkarni digs into Digg’s past and what led to the downfall of the site that was started as an experiment in 2004 by Kevin Rose and few of his friends. A must read post especially for startups when greed takes over objective, leaving the users to bid you good bye.

5. Click ‘Like’ If You Enjoyed Reading This Blog Post: Karthik argues this predominant social media trend with an offline event when movie stars would speak loudly and ask if you like me. But the question is does this asking for liking every post and begging to comment on posts work? Karthik highlights that there is a difference between a call-to-action to offer feedback for the message vs. a call-to-action to help the brand or product in a more useful manner. Reports say that asking to like a post increase the chances of the post to go viral but don’t you think today fans are much more smart. There could be no one answer to this methodology of work. Either you beg or make your content do the talking, the choice is yours.

We hope that you enjoy our curated list for this week and do let us know if you would like to add some more articles to the list. You can always leave them as a comment or tweet us at @LHInsights.

Happy Weekend!

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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